My Favorite Newspaper Column Line:

"I didn't see reality until I read something by Eugene Volokh."

Aeon J. Skoble (mail):
That's awesome, Eugene. Hey, happy new year!
12.23.2005 3:48pm
DNL (mail):
If he did not see reality until he read your line, what was he seeing as he read your quip?
12.23.2005 3:57pm
You should put that on the back cover of your next book
12.23.2005 9:51pm
nc_litigator (mail):
it is very scary how many things like this creep into uncritical newspapers and other media. and people believe it.
12.27.2005 1:44pm
nc_litigator (mail):
by that last comment, i meant the nobel prize nomination charade and not the completely accurate commentary about e. volokh!
12.27.2005 1:45pm