Academic Legal Writing:

With Christmas and New Year's approaching, I thought I'd mention, one last time this year, that I still have copies of Academic Legal Writing that I'll be glad to sign and send to your law student family members / friends / distant acquaintances / objects of lust (I'm told members of the opposite sex find it irresistible).

For some nice reviews that I've recently gotten, both from academics and from readers, see this post. For more on how order, see this one. I know it's getting close to Christmas, but if you order today, I'll send the book out tomorrow (plus in any event grownups don't get too upset if the gift isn't quite in time to place under the Christmas tree).

Stephen M (Ethesis) (www):
I've bought two copies so far, one direct, one via and both were well received.

I know it is probably not completely related, but the year before I bought the book I got twelve zeros from pre-trial motions, this year I'm at twenty-nine.
12.20.2005 1:51pm