Criminal Justice in Poetry:

Prof. Peggy DeStefano is looking for examples of criminal justice themes in poetry and music. If you have some suggestions, please post them in the comments.

I had very few suggestions myself. My two favorite law-related poems are W.H. Auden's "Law Like Love" -- which is more connected to theories of jurisprudence than to criminal law -- and Kipling's "Law of the Jungle" (which I suppose sets forth obligations of the sort that we'd enforce through criminal law, though primitive justice systems generally tended not to distinguish criminal law from civil law much). I also like Auden's "The Hidden Law," but that too isn't criminal law.

David Byrne's "The Dream Police" is probably too surreal to really have a serious criminal justice theme, though it's an amusing counterpoint, I think, to certain crim law cases. And of course there's "I Shot the Sheriff," but that's cliche. In any case, I'd love to see what our readers can come up with.