Analyzing the al-Arian Verdict:
The St. Petersburg Times has a fascinating article on what went on inside the jury room in the al-Arian terrorism case. Link via BashBlog, which has lots of other good links about the case.
Anderson (mail) (www):
One has to suspect, when the feds throw so much at the jury, that they're not confident about any particular item's sticking.

Had there been any clear-cut evidence, presumably the trial would have been much shorter and the issues much clearer.

All in all, a stunning example of the government's power to ravage a defendant's life. We in Mississippi have seen the feds doing the same to a sitting state supreme court justice, who's been forced off the bench for years now. The jury refused to convict him on any charges of judicial impropriety, so now the feds are bringing a new case on tax charges.

How do we limit the power to prosecute indiscriminately?
12.9.2005 11:07am