Which Country Is -- Supposedly -- the First To Offer Country-Wide Wireless?

They say the answer is . . .


Anderson (mail) (www):
They don't have it in the Vatican?
12.5.2005 2:40pm
Mike Z (mail) (www):
Clearly, this is Alewxander's legacy.
12.5.2005 2:41pm
tefta (mail):
The country of my ancestry. At last the source of my genius has been revealed. Good going guys!
12.5.2005 2:45pm
DNL (mail):
12.5.2005 3:12pm
Joel H:
They aren't the first, by a long shot:

Though they might be the first that most people have heard of.
12.5.2005 5:22pm
Gray Ghost:
Lichtenstein is next.

12.5.2005 6:28pm
A Guest (mail):
Your question was a bit vague, as most European countries have "country-wide wireless." (You didn't specify Wi-Fi vs, say GSM, or free vs. pay...)
12.5.2005 6:35pm
Fern R (mail):
In addition to Tempe, I believe Google is in the process of establishing free wireless internet in San Francisco. Philadelphia is also in the process of instituting a city-wide free wireless internet program (free only to low-income families).
12.6.2005 2:09am