Swedish Court Decision on Anti-Homosexuality Speech:

Stefan Geens has some thoughts on the subject; he knows Swedish and has actually read the decision.

We had some difficulty with the legal speak in the opinion itself, but a Swedish houseguest and I (who am moderately fluent in the language) translated the offending statement by the Minister in his sermon as quoted in the opinion, to the extent that is interesting.

I post with some trepidation as to what people will infer about the fire that burns within Swedes...

"By legalizing partnerships between men and men and women and women, this will create catastrophe, pure and simple. Without question. We see already the damage of this. We see through AIDS which spreads itself. Now not all AIDS-infected are not [sic] homosexual, but it began with this one time in history and later of course innocent people can become infected by this horrible sickness without that they had anything to do with what lies behind this as relates to homosexuality.

The Bible addresses this and is instructive with these abnormalities. And sexual abnormalities are a deep cancer tumor on the whole body of society. God knows that sexually deviant men will even rape animals. Not either animals go free from man's sexual callings and the fire that is lit in a person. No, you can count on that.

Childmolesters. Already when the Bible was written God knew what should happen. We have experienced this and experience it and we take great concern over it. And Paul tells in the First Corinthians 1:10 about perverse people. And perverse people is translated from the original language that says "one who lies with boys." One who lies with boys is the perverse person that the Bible there refers to. Now I want to underscore that all homosexuals are not pedophiles. And all homosexuals are not perverse. But one opens still the door to forbidden realms and lets sin get a grip in one's mind. And he that is a pedophile today did not start as one. But rather started simply by trading out his relations. It was so that it started. And to be true in a homosexual relationship is not in any way a better relationship than to change partners every day. It is no better relationship. Rather, it is just as "bad" in God's eyes.

Freely I leave purity and take instead dis-purity. Knowingly trade it says Paul. Homosexuality it is something sick. It is indeed a healthy and clean thought which has been traded out for a dirty thought. It is a healthy heart that has been traded out for a sick heart. It is that which one has done. It is a healthy body that has been destroyed by a trade says Paul… Is homosexuality something one chooses: answer yes. It is chosen. One is not born with it. One chooses it pure and simple. One trades for it. It is absolutely so, because otherwise it would be to have forsaken people."

That should be quite accurate, by our combined work. Of course it's hard to translate all the connotations of certain words, which is kind of problematic here. "Bad" was a word meaning something from "dislikes" to "hates." At the same time, I think he is pretty clear in what he is saying and doesn't rely much on connotations, so I think the translation works pretty well.
12.5.2005 2:53pm
People wanted to suppress this drivel? He makes his cause look stupid. He opposes gay promiscuity so he wants to discourage gay monogamy?

Hopefully, the guy's message will become as well known as the effort to suppress it. That's the magic of free speech, it lets moronic ideas fall with the thud they deserve.
12.5.2005 8:45pm
12.7.2005 1:08am