Global Word Perfect to Word Advice:

Google Desktop is a wonderful tool. Unfortunately, it will search Microsoft Word, but not Word Pefect, documents. As a long-standing and still-loyal WP user, I'm very annoyed that I can't use Desktop to efficiently search the vast repository of documents on my hard drive. An obvious solution would be to create an additional copy of all my WP documents in Word. Is there a simply way to do this globally? I certainly don't want to have to resave each document individually in Word.

Jared K.:
If you have word, then these instructions should do it.

If you don't, try something like this.
12.5.2005 12:23am
Michaelg (mail):
Have you tried Copernic? I think it searches WordPerfect.
12.5.2005 12:31am
Joe Zwers (mail):
Copernic does search WordPerfect and is a better desktop search engine in my opinion. In addition, if you do convert your WP docs to Word, you will still have to continually repeat that action so the more recent documents get indexed.
12.5.2005 12:43am
Dick King:
Yahoo Desktop Search can handle Word Perfect.

12.5.2005 1:46am
Visitor Again:
I loved the Google desktop search. But aren't you guys worried about the privacy implications? I can't be bothered to become knowledgeable in that area, but why should we trust Google and its do no evil slogan? It seems to me lawyers should be particularly concerned. I would never keep any incriminatory information on a computer, but even so there's a lot of stuff I might not want available to anyone else but me.
12.5.2005 4:00am
Wintermute (www):
I used WP's Advanced Search from inside itself (it has to be installed and brings along that QuickIndex thing), but they dropped it out of the $20 (Dell?) OEM version 12 I bought.
12.5.2005 5:23am
Have you tried exalead one desktop? It is better to me than google desktop.
12.5.2005 6:40am
I loved the Google desktop search. But aren't you guys worried about the privacy implications?
If you're concerned about Google gathering your usage patterns, just disable the advanced features.
12.5.2005 9:32am
Greedy Clerk (mail):
Simple solution: Buy a Macintosh.

The Mac Operating System has a built-in search tool that searches every file extremely fast (faster than Google Desktop on Windows), regardless of type -- it automatically updates all the time. It searches both Word and WordPerfect, along with every other type of file. This feature will be in the next version of Windows, a stable version fo which should probably be out in the next decade. . . .
12.5.2005 12:55pm
Michael H (mail):
Seconding Dick King's point, Yahoo! Desktop does hundreds of different file formats, including some technical and specialized ones. One of the few areas where Yahoo! beats Google hands down.
12.5.2005 1:17pm
grackel (mail):
I'm also an inveterate WP user, was disappointed in Google desktop and have installed Copernic which works almost instantaneously and seems to search everything on the disk. Highly recommended
12.5.2005 5:53pm
Mark Draughn (mail) (www):
I've been using Copernic for years. It works great, searches more document types, and doesn't slow down my computer while it's indexing. And unlike switching to a Macintosh, it's a painless transition.
12.5.2005 6:28pm
Daryl Herbert (www):
There's a heck of a lot more to the privacy implications than that you are entrusting a company to put a program on your computer.

If your computer is unattended, anyone can walk up and hit their favorite search words (think "partying," "marijuana," "condoms," "furry porn antlers", etc.) to see what's in your box. If you've indexed your search history, they can look into that.

And if a spyware program is able to access a desktop search program, that could be used to gather info about you (but who could imagine something so far-fetched and implausible? that will never happen!)
12.6.2005 3:18am