More on Anna Nicole in SCOTUS:

Steve Jacubowski has the latest briefs in the Anna Nicole Smith SCOTUS case: Anna's brief and an amicus brief by several law professors (in support of her).

Steve does suggest that there is a previously unrecognized public interest at stake here--if Anna wins, then perhaps she won't have to work for a living any more and we will be spared future episodes of "The Anna Nicole Smith" show on E. Or is that too much to hope for?

Curious Guest:
Ha.. hahaha.. hahahahaha...
you said "briefs"... ahahahahaha..

Bet you're looking forward to "oral" arguments in this case... ahahaha.. ahaha...
11.30.2005 4:34pm
Has any rich person ever declined the opportunity to become more rich? Maybe it is too much to hope for.
11.30.2005 5:07pm
AppSocREs (mail):
The Buddha, Heraclitus
11.30.2005 5:12pm
Cheburashka (mail):
The Anna Nicole Show is pretty good. What's the problem?
11.30.2005 5:53pm
How disappointing. I was expecting her arguments to be written in pink ink with little hearts dotting the "i"s.....
11.30.2005 5:56pm
AppSocREs: which of these is Anna Nicole more like? Buddha or Heraclitus?

Her retirement, IMHO, is still too much to hope for.
11.30.2005 5:57pm
Anon96 (mail):
Please, I do not want to think about Anna Nicole's briefs!
12.1.2005 8:49am
Stan Morris (mail):
In complete empathy with Curious Guest and Anon96, I never thought in my [wildest] dreams, when dilgently studying precursors to Ms. Smith's appearance in print, back when I started Law School that I would see a Playmate, Supreme Court and briefs in the same sentence under serious discussion. Geting old I guess.
12.1.2005 10:21am
tylerh (mail):

Stereotype much?

Surely you know the story of Andrew Carnegie. A much lower profile exemplar is this guy who has given over a quarter of billion dollars to preserve West coast land and provide programs for inner city kids to visit it. Other examples include Ebay Founder Pierre Omidyar who has publicly committed to giving away most of his wealth, and George Soros, who has already given away nearly half of his wealth.

Yes, many greedy people strive to be rich. But many rich people are not greedy.
12.1.2005 2:04pm