"Harvard Law On A Heterodox Spree, Listing to Right":
The New York Observer has a very interesting article about how the deanship of Elena Kagan has helped Harvard Law School become significantly more accepting of conservatives than it used to be. An excerpt:
  "In Dean Kagan, Harvard has found somebody who genuinely values intellectual and viewpoint diversity," said Mr. Berenson. "[Conservatives have] gone from feeling excluded to included."
  Ms. Kagan herself is reluctant to characterize her deanship as a break from Harvard's past.
  "My view of Harvard is that because we are a place that is larger in scale than a lot of other schools, we've never been a niche place," Ms. Kagan told The Observer. "We sort of have everything, and that continues to be true in our current hiring. Our current hiring is all across the board from a political-slash-ideological perspective, and that's exactly what it should be."
  But among current students, alumni and faculty, the difference between Harvard Law School today and in 1988 is palpable, even if among the school's officials, the change is unspoken.
  Thanks to my law school classmate Mark Yzaguirre for the link.

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Paul Gowder (mail) (www):
WHAT?! Is this intended to suggest that Kagan (who seems very nice) is more friendly to conservatives than her predecessor... Bob Clark?! What are they smoking?
11.30.2005 11:20am
Kate1999 (mail):
C'mon, Paul. As you know, Clark was a total non-entity -- he let the faculty do whatever it wanted. And it wanted to be pretty hostile to conservatives. Elena is just pushing the faculty to be less hostile.
11.30.2005 11:33am
Cornellian (mail):
Good post - especially the title. I like words that end in "x."
11.30.2005 12:52pm
Guest2 (mail):
I had much the same reaction as Paul. When I was a student at HLS in the mid-1990s, the sense was that Clark was trying to build the school's law & econ muscle. Not exactly conservative, but . . . (we) law & econ types do seem to favor a lot of policies associated with conservatives. It was HLS professors who first got my left-liberal mind going down the path toward libertarianism.
11.30.2005 1:59pm
Wintermute (www):
Gladdens my heart. Now if people would just get through picking on President Summers....
11.30.2005 3:55pm