Solove on Pajamas Media:
Over at Concurring Opinions, Dan Solove takes a look at Pajamas Media (an enterprise that the VC is happy to have joined). An excerpt:
  What's the value added by the Pajamas Media website? It claims to gather the best information in the blogosphere, but how? Blogs themselves are a filter through which we interact with the Internet. We look to bloggers to make us aware of the best and most interesting information and stories on the Net. Pajamas Media aims to be an intermediary between us and the blogs, . . . [b]ut the value of the intermediary is that we trust the intermediary and enjoy the intermediary's voice and opinion. That's one reason why people read blogs. Hiring a bunch of editors to do the sifting isn't quite the same.
  That's a good point, I think. A website that collects the best of the blogosphere is really just another blog.