Solove on Pajamas Media:
Over at Concurring Opinions, Dan Solove takes a look at Pajamas Media (an enterprise that the VC is happy to have joined). An excerpt:
  What's the value added by the Pajamas Media website? It claims to gather the best information in the blogosphere, but how? Blogs themselves are a filter through which we interact with the Internet. We look to bloggers to make us aware of the best and most interesting information and stories on the Net. Pajamas Media aims to be an intermediary between us and the blogs, . . . [b]ut the value of the intermediary is that we trust the intermediary and enjoy the intermediary's voice and opinion. That's one reason why people read blogs. Hiring a bunch of editors to do the sifting isn't quite the same.
  That's a good point, I think. A website that collects the best of the blogosphere is really just another blog.
Defending the Indefensible:
If they are back to calling themselves Pajamas Media, why are they still using the (Open Source Media) URL?
11.30.2005 1:20am
CrazyTrain (mail):
If Pajamas is a blog, it is one of the most boring blogs I have ever read. Let's face facts people, Pajamas stinks.

Also, I can't help but notice that blogads are no longer on this site, and there is no PJ advertising -- funny that the one thing I thought PJM was going to do was aggregate some sort of advertising module or something. Not even that is happening. . . .
11.30.2005 3:06am
Charles Chapman (mail) (www):
While I think the layout of the site is boring, I like two things they are staring to do. First, people are doing some good original reporting, instead of relying on the MSM. See:

Secondly, they pull together good blog posts on each particular topic in one place, which is more efficient (though perhaps not quite as fun) as following links around the net.

Still, the one story per page, <==previous / ==>next paradigm stinks. It is more efficient for, and people are used to, stories being arranged vertically on one page. I'll quickly look and scroll down a blog page to see if there is anying interesting. I'm not going to hit a "next" button five or six times.
11.30.2005 4:03am
Matt Barr (mail) (www):
A website that collects the best of the blogosphere is really just another blog.

... limited to the blogs who have signed contracts to join the network. Which is fine, but my concern has always been that when if ever the ad part starts up, in order to get millions in venture capital it's been promised that the highest traffic blogs on the network (ahem) will limit themselves to linking and driving traffic to other network blogs. At that point you don't just have a portal site that won't look to or link to the vast majority of the blogosphere, you've fundamentally changed the blogosphere for the worse, at least at the top. I suspect if this happens it won't be long till today's highest traffic blogs aren't anymore, but I have little confidence in some of the people running PJM that they'll care after they cash their first few checks.
11.30.2005 8:09am
Stephen VanDyke (mail) (www):
The problem with the Pajamas Media model is it completely skips the meritocracy involved in what's popular on the blogosphere and tries to force feed what they deem is popular based on a limited set of (mostly) right-of-center blogs.

In reality, Open Source Media wouldn't be run by a bunch of editors, it would mimick the technology of Google News but with blogs (weighted by authority) and drilled down to locality per reader. I think they have simply taken the easy way out here and are hyping a product that doesn't match up with expectations of what they call blog journalism.
11.30.2005 8:31am
Isn't Instapundit, the most popular conservative site, basically an aggregator? It's just a collection of whichever links the good Prof. Reynolds thinks we might be interested in today, interspersed with the occasional "Heh."
11.30.2005 10:29am
Josh Jasper (mail):
As a corporate entity, it's far, far more vulnerable to scandal and image issues.

So... How about that wacky Michelle Malkin and her defense of the internment of US cistizens based on race? And her white supremacist friends over at VDare?

Tell us how proud you are to be associated with such a fine group of upstanding citizens, Professor.
11.30.2005 10:48am
Thales (mail) (www):
Would everyone please stop with the cute little "MSM" acronym? It and the accompanying implicit or explicit "us against them" mentality makes all of you seem like you're wearing tin foil hats. You caught a major newspaper or TV news broadcast in a major (but really minor) screwup. Congratulations . . . it doesn't establish that your blog (or blogs in general), whatever its virtues, is the next Woodstein. Blogs are cool new media, and an occasional corrective to errors (but also, often, perpetuators of ideology with deliberate factual blinders, all in the name of "rebutting" the "liberal media"). Please bear this in mind, pajama clad reporters and your legions of readers.
11.30.2005 11:20am
Kate1999 (mail):

Would everyone please stop with the childish objections to the "MSM" acronym? So blogs aren't perfect . . . Congratulations. But they do have some value. Please bear this in mind.
11.30.2005 11:37am
1. Is it just me, or does "MSM" suggest that Bill Gates has created another product?

2. As it was with "alternative" music, have blogs become so prevalent that they are now a part of the mainstream? Hmmmm....
11.30.2005 4:19pm
Kurmudge (mail):
But most of us are looking for exactly what pajamas media is attempting to do- find a trustworthy alternative to AP for the filtered and summarized news of the day. If you read AP's description of Bush's speech-

.... it is obvious that AP is not a news organization; it is a Kos-type blog without the calm and sober analysis.
11.30.2005 9:49pm
Josh Jasper (mail):
Michelle "internment camps" Malkin is trustworthy? LGF, a blog who's claim to fame is regular guests who call for racial genocide? Trustworthy?
12.1.2005 12:13am