Getting a Human Through Business Voice-Mail Systems:

Here's a list that public benefactor Paul English has produced. I heard about it on an NPR story last week, but reader Rich Swartz just e-mailed me the URL. Seems very useful, though naturally I can't vouch for its accuracy.

bud (mail):
A few years ago I had a problem with Qwest, where I was calling a new local exchange that hadn't been entered (or mis-entered) into the routing database, and they were sending it through my LD carrier, where I was getting billed for it. For three months, I would enter the voice mail maze to the "disputed" bill section, push the right keys, and they would helpfully remove the charges. On the fourth month, I decided to try to get a person to see if the basic problem could be corrected. Round and round, through menu after menu, and never a way to a human. So, I went back to the "disputed" area, and entered an error of One Thousand Dollars. Short pause, and "Please hold the line, a representative will be with you shortly."

She was amused as to how I got hold of her, connected me to a tech, and the problem was fixed before the next billing cycle.

So, another hint. If there's anyway to claim a refund, enter an outrageous amount. That'll wake 'em up.

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11.29.2005 1:58pm