Watch for Falling Rocks:
The Associated Press reports that a "basketball-sized piece of marble moulding fell from the facade over the entrance to the Supreme Court, landing on the steps near visitors waiting to enter the building.":
  The marble was part of the dentil moulding that serves as a frame for the frieze of statues atop the court's main entrance.
  A group of visitors had just entered the building and had passed under the frieze when the stone fell at 9:30 a.m. ET.
  Jonathan Fink, a government attorney waiting in line to attend arguments, said, "All of a sudden, these blocks started falling. It was like a thud, thud."
  Maybe it's another trick they play on all the new Chief Justices. Thanks to Daniel Solove for the link.
MikeC&F (mail):
Zeus must have thrown a lighting bolt. He's tired of the competition.
11.28.2005 12:10pm
Bob Bobstein (mail):
Y'know, he tried to do the same thing to Justice O'Connor, and maybe Scalia and Breyer, a few years ago. Maybe he ought to change tactics and come to her as a swan or something, his aim is terrible.
11.28.2005 12:32pm
Defending the Indefensible:
From SCOTUSblog:

The West Pediment represents "Liberty Enthroned," guarded by figures of Order and Authority. The broken dentil is just above the figure of Authority. The Pediment rises above the Court's famous chiseled slogan, "Equal Justice Under Law."

Sibel Edmunds was unavailable for comment.
11.28.2005 12:36pm