Federalist Society Student Symposium:
On February 24-25, 2006, Columbia Law School will be hosting the 25th annual Federalist Society student symposium. This year's topic is "International Law and the State of the Constitution," and features panels by very distinguished judges and academics on the meaning of international law, the role of international law in constitutional interpretation, the role of international law in the war on terror, the executive power in foreign affairs, and the enforceability of the decisions of international tribunals in U.S. courts.
ajf (mail) (www):
are there no vegetarian federalists? i notice that the food options for the banquet are limited to filet mignon, chicken, and sea bass....
11.28.2005 7:13am
Blaine (mail) (www):
If you put vegetarian in the "dietary restrictions" box, you'll receive a vegetarian meal.
11.28.2005 7:42am
mike (mail):
ajf: Blaine is correct, but to answer your question, yes--there are no vegetarian federalists.
11.28.2005 12:21pm
A. Rickey (mail) (www):
I have now added a vegetarian option to both the registrant and guest drop-down lists. I abstain from speculating on whether there are vegetarian Federalists, but I'd suspect some of their guests might be.
11.28.2005 12:53pm
I know for a fact George Mason has at least one vegetarian federalist.
11.28.2005 1:56pm