Seeking Arguments Why Blogs Should Be Treated Worse Than the Mainstream Media:

I'm writing a law review article on whether bloggers should be entitled to various protections that mainstream media writers get -- the media exemption from campaign finance laws (which the FEC just said bloggers should generally get), the journalist's privilege, protection under libel retraction statutes, and the like. For this, I'd like to thoroughly canvass the various arguments why bloggers should not get such equal treatment. I know I've seen plenty, and I'm sure I can find some of them, but I'm afraid I might miss many.

I'd therefore like to ask for your help: Can you point me to arguments -- whether from professional journalists, academics, government officials (legislative, executive, judicial, or otherwise), or bloggers -- why bloggers shouldn't be entitled to the special protections offered to the media? Specific citations or URLs would be especially useful.

I am not looking for arguments that bloggers should be entitled to such protections, or that no such special protections should exist. I am only looking for arguments that they should be denied such protections. If you have some, please post them in the comments. Thanks!