A Suggestion for Law Reviews:
Law reviews are steadily embracing ever-more-helpful websites, and this post is a pitch for a particular feature on those websites: A preview of future issues. Law review websites should list the articles and notes slated for the next few books. Editors at the journals already know the articles and notes that they will be publishing; drafts of some of the articles may be found on SSRN. Why not let readers know what articles are coming down the pike to whet their appetite?

  A few journals do this already. The best of the group may be the Virginia Law Review, which has a terrific Forthcoming page that includes the titles of articles selected for issues through June 2006 (along with abstracts where available). More journals should do this, perhaps with links to current drafts on SSRN. It's good advertising for the journal, and very helpful for scholars who are curious about what's new in legal scholarship.