A3G Hits the NYT:
After his hard-hitting expose of Yale Law School's reaction to the Alito nomination, Adam Liptak of the New York Times now has a story on Article III Groupie of Underneath Their Robes. Link via How A3Gealing.
Dresden Slammer:
It's now on Drudge as well; Mr. Drudge has linked to this story.
11.16.2005 9:39am
C&F (mail) (www):
In other words, Liptak is getting paid to blog for the New York Times. Sweeeeeeeet.
11.16.2005 4:46pm
BobVDV (mail):
A3G has disappeared, and I for one lament its passing.
11.16.2005 5:22pm
I think my Conspiracy is broken; it seems to have become a How Appealing aggregator.
11.16.2005 7:43pm