Secret Docketing in Florida Federal Courts?: has a troubling story about federal district courts in Florida putting cases on a "secret docket." The intro:
  Last month, a three-judge panel of the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals chastised judges of the Southern District of Florida for completely hiding cases from public view by placing the cases on a secret court docket.
  "We … exercise our supervisory authority to remind the district court that it cannot employ the secret docketing procedures that we explicitly found unconstitutional," the panel said in its unusual reprimand.
  Defense attorneys, civil liberties groups and the news media celebrated the panel's words, which came in the course of upholding a drug lord's conviction and sentence of more than 30 years in prison.
  Now, one of the South Florida federal judges who agreed to hide a case admits that she made a mistake and vows never to do it again. "Judges are not gods," U.S. District Judge Patricia Seitz, a seven-year veteran of the federal bench, said in an interview. "Like any human being, we make mistakes. When your mistake is pointed out, you reconsider your action and you promptly make a correction."
  The Eleventh Circuit's October 20th decision in United States v. Ochoa-Vasquez is available here. Hat tip: HoBa.
unhyphenatedconservative (mail):
"Judges are not gods."

This should be a mandatory mantra chanted by all law students at least twice a day. And it should be tatooed (backwards of course) on every SCOTUS Justice's forehead so that they can be remided every time that they look in a mirror.
11.15.2005 1:35am
David Markus (mail) (www):
11.15.2005 9:37am
Harriet Miers' Law Partner:
And why, I ask, isn't this matter being referred to the Circuit Judicial Council for investigation and possible disciplinary action? A rebuke in an opinion hardly seems strong enough for a repeated, willful act that has already been determined by a superior court to be unlawful.
11.15.2005 10:11am
Hattio (mail):
Good question HMLP. These folks should be impeached.
11.15.2005 11:50am
Richard Aubrey (mail):
"Drug lord".
Possibly wanting to reduce threat to the life and limb of judge and jury?
Still, you would figure the defense attorneys would be handing out maps to the homes of the judge and the jurors, secret or not.

Did they give a reason.
11.15.2005 1:45pm