Article III Groupie Comes Out of the Closet:
Via Howard, I learn that Jeffrey Toobin of The New Yorker is announcing that Article III Groupie of Underneath Their Robes is David B. Lat, an Assistant U.S. Attorney in Newark, NJ. An excerpt:
  Although he intended to remain anonymous, the success of the blog made coming clean irresistible. "I felt frustrated that I was putting a lot of time into this and was unable to get any credit for it," Lat said. "But eventually these things have a way of coming out anyway. I only hope that the judges I appear in front of don't read it."
  David is a Harvard College and Yale Law grad who clerked for Judge O'Scannlain on the Ninth Circuit; my understanding is that he now argues Third Circuit appeals from the Newark office.

  No word yet on whether David is also behind the short-lived Proculian Meditations.