The Onion on Bernanke, Greenspan (and Rand):

From The Onion: American Voices

Greenspan Retiring

After 18 years of service, Alan Greenspan is retiring as chairman of the Federal Reserve at the age of 79. What do you think?

"He's irreplaceable. This Bernanke guy may be an anti-inflation fiscal conservative, but you just can't run the Fed if you've never screwed Ayn Rand."

DNL (mail):
There's nothing stopping Bernanke from digging Rand up and . . . nevermind.
10.27.2005 9:06pm
Glenn W Bowen (mail):
is it "EYE-n" or "ANN"?
10.27.2005 9:28pm
Scott Scheule (mail) (www):
It's the former, Glenn, and I guess Nathanial Branden's in luck should Bernanke not be able to fill Greenspan's shoes.
10.27.2005 9:37pm
A Berman (mail):
Wow, I'm impressed.
10.27.2005 10:13pm
Attila (Pillage Idiot) (mail) (www):
Dr. Bernanke is an anagram for "nerd banker." I think we're safe.
10.27.2005 10:26pm
Bruce Lagasse (mail):
As Rand herself used to say, it rhymes with "mine".
10.27.2005 10:31pm
I think it is pronoucned EYE-AN. No?

Anybody ever read his essay in Capitalism and Freedom?

HE ARGUES FOR THE GOLD STANDARD! Yet he managed the fiat monetary system of the world's largest economy for 18 years. Amazing.
10.28.2005 1:21am
*Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal, not Captialism and Freedom, the Milton classic.
10.28.2005 1:23am
cloudy (mail):
Why dig up a semi-lame joke out of the left (none of the leftish leaning blogs I go to have cited this joke, so it wasn't for its impact that it was used) for focus? The world is literally brimming with semi-lame jokes.

Are you that desperate for something to nosh on?
10.28.2005 3:29am
Gary Leff (mail) (www):
DNL, as for 'digging up Rand' ... she used to refer to Greenspan as "the undertaker."
10.28.2005 8:13am
Anderson (mail) (www):
Part of the benefit of not being an Objectivist is not really having to give a damn how Ayn Rand pronounced her first name.

I mean, damn, she wrote a 1000-page potboiler without bothering to figure out the difference between an egoist and an egotist, IIRC.
10.28.2005 10:29am
Aeon J. Skoble (mail):
Since when is being part of a group relevant to correct pronunciation of a name? I'm not a registered Repubican, but surely it matters than I pronounce "Condoleeza" correctly. Do you care whether people pronounce "Socrates" Bill/Ted style, as "So-crates"? You don't have to like Rand to bother getting the pronunciation right, that's as basic as spelling. And yes, "Ayn rhymes with Mine" is correct.
10.28.2005 10:43am
LizardBreath (mail):
Also "swine".
10.28.2005 11:38am
Also "fine" and "twine"...

This if fun!
10.28.2005 2:26pm
"wine" and "incline" and "supine" and "ursine" :)
10.28.2005 2:27pm
Will Smit (mail):

Aeon, does it also matter if you spell it correctly? :-)
10.28.2005 4:51pm
Kyle Haight (mail) (www):
Technically it was a 700 page potboiler; the "egoist/egotist" error was in The Fountainhead, not Atlas Shrugged.
10.28.2005 5:29pm
Glenn W Bowen (mail):
...I already knew that.
10.28.2005 9:08pm
Aeon J. Skoble (mail):
Will - you busted me! D'OH!! I keep reminding myself, always use preview, always use preview...
10.28.2005 10:56pm
Mike Lorrey (mail) (www):
Actually, wrt Greenspan's Gold Standard opinions, if you look at his House Banking Committee testimony over the last few years, he was questioned at one point by Rep. "Dr. No" Ron Paul about his opinions on the Gold Standard and his management of the fiat money system, and Greenspan made the assertion that we've enjoyed monetary stability here in the US primarily because he's gotten the bankers operating their fiat system AS IF they were still on a gold standard. That is a remarkable statement, I think.
10.31.2005 1:55pm