Beth Thornburg on Harriet Miers:
SMU lawprof Beth Thornburg worked with Harriet Miers for a few years in private practice, and had an interesting piece about Miers in the Dallas Morning News a few days ago. The essay concluded with some speculation about what Miers might do if confirmed to the Supreme Court:
  If she follows her lifelong pattern, [Miers] will bond with and start deferring to the most appealing powerful male on the court. Pundits reading tea leaves should then concern themselves with which justice she would choose: Justice Antonin Scalia? Chief Justice John Roberts?
  But if she becomes the next justice, something else may happen to Ms. Miers. After all, she will need no further boosts up the career ladder. She will have no client whose interests must be zealously represented. She will be armed with her considerable intelligence and work ethic.
  She can finally, if she chooses, feel completely free to speak her mind. I have no idea whether I would agree with the positions she might take. I can only hope that those positions are informed by the years she spent as the only woman in the room.
  UPDATE: This April 2005 interview with Miers is worth reading, too.