Woohoo! Time to Buy That Corporate Jet!

Paul Caron reports that The Volokh Conspiracy is worth $1.3 million (OK, probably not enough to justify a corporate jet, even if it was a sensible estimate). From his lips to God's ears.

Here's the site that will evaluate your own blog, for those who are likewise ready to sell out. Caron notes that "The valuation is based on the number of links to a blog, not on the amount of traffic the blog generates." Hey, whatever; just give me my money.

Rhadamanthus (mail):
$2.5 million away from the number one spot? Hardly satisfactory is it? If you need somethin done to alter this state of affairs I'd be happy to take a percentage of the profits from...urrrr taking care of? the competition for you!!!!!

After all what;s the point of being Lord Chief Justice of Appeal of the Underworld if you can't deal some instant justice now and then....dammn my hopes for being Miers' replacement just took a hit.
10.25.2005 3:55pm
tefta (mail):
Just the beginning.
10.25.2005 5:20pm
Dave Hardy (mail) (www):
What does a negative number mean?
10.25.2005 5:34pm
Alixtii O'Krul V (mail) (www):
10.25.2005 9:26pm
Bruce Hayden (mail) (www):
If that shows Google only worth a hundred million dollars, then it is grossly undervaluing it. Extrapolating, this means that maybe the Conspiracy can buy its own jet. Well, if not yet, then soon.
10.26.2005 1:59am
Paul doson (mail) (www):
I think its going to be interesting now. Lets wait and watch.
10.26.2005 4:11am
NYU Jew (mail):
I.e.- the economic equivalent of winnning the Nobel Prize (~$1.3 million). And by far more prestigious...
10.27.2005 1:26am