Introducing The Plank:
The New Republic has just launched a new blog, The Plank, that so far features contributions from Michael Crowley, Franklin Foer, Jason Zengerle, and Noam Scheiber. The intro post is available here.
Richard Bellamy (mail):
Now, I'm a TNR subscriber and fan, and am very excited about this effort, but:

when the TNR microserfs finally emerge from their cubicle, we'll have a comments section on the blog where TNR subscribers will be able to post their innermost thoughts. We can't wait for you to tell us how much you adore us.

Is there any other blog that limits its commenters to magazine subscribers -- or some other subset of the only similarly-minded (here, mostly DLC-style Democrats)?

That last line might not actually be a joke!
10.24.2005 11:56pm
tefta (mail):
The Plank, as in walking the plank?
10.25.2005 10:30am
Dustin R. Ridgeway (mail):
I suppose only limiting comments to subscribers would indeed rub the wrong way. Then again after reading the open comments in response to Andrew Sullivan's article on gay culture becoming mianstream, if comments were only limited to TNR subscribers I wouldn't mind.

Since TPMcafe runs a tad too left for my tastes, a subscriber only TNR blog community may be the grand confederacy of centrist, neoliberal and 'wishy washy moderate' Democrats I've always dreamed of.
10.25.2005 12:35pm