More on Americans for Better Justice:

David Frum has more on Americans for Better Justice, which I mentioned this morning. Frum says that they have raised money for television and radio ads urgint Miers's withdrawal.

He also mentions, which he describes as "consortium of social conservative groups that will encourage members to write directly to their representatives in Congress." That site does not indentify its sponsors, but I have been told (but have not confirmed) that it is backed by several major social conservative groups.

My impression is that the White House still seems somewhat bewildered by all this--and that was before two new conservative anti-Miers organizations emerged.

mikemccann (mail) (www):
I wonder at what point might there be a backlash to the "withdraw Miers"-type activities? She might become a sympathetic figure by the time of the hearings, and that could elevate her chances for confirmation.
10.24.2005 5:31pm
Thorley Winston (mail) (www):
Mikemccann makes a fair point. There are a lot of us in the "undecided" camp who are growing weary of the "throw everything including the kitchen sink at her" approach from many of the Miers detractors (including a couple of the Conspirators) that after a while this only becomes so much background noise.
10.24.2005 5:44pm
I think whether "sympathy" will cause a backlash depends on why one is opposing Miers. If, for example, one's major issue is that Miers is unqualified, then "sympathy" might take the form of "pity" ... and that will hardly incline one to think her well-qualified.
10.24.2005 6:04pm
Mahan Atma (mail):
It wasn't too long ago that conservatives were claiming all Bush's nominees deserved an "up or down vote".

I guess this only applies to nominees they like?
10.24.2005 7:09pm
Michael H (mail):
That's an odd claim, Mahan. No one is saying they're going to filibuster Miers. People who respect the president think he made a horrible decision and are urging him to correct it before it creates even more problems and embarrassment than it already has. If the president insists on going forward with this nomination, then she'll certainly get an up or down vote.
10.24.2005 7:23pm
Gordon (mail):
I'm sure it is bewildering. The Administration has cyncically manipulated the far right for five years, with universal success to date. I suppose someone could have figured out that the far right was disappointed by the nuclear option compromise earlier this year because they wanted a confrontation, win or lose, to further polarize and energize their legions. Anyone less than Priscilla Owen or Janice Rogers Brown was going to a diappointment.
10.24.2005 7:42pm
Gordon (mail):
10.24.2005 7:43pm
Rhadamanthus (mail):

I wonder at what point might there be a backlash to the "withdraw Miers"-type activities? She might become a sympathetic figure by the time of the hearings, and that could elevate her chances for confirmation.

This makes the assumption that she will reach a hearing. Right now I'm thinking that she will only get the seat if at least 75% of the Democrats support her. The Senate Judiciary Committee has implied that she's not good enough by making her re-sit her submissions- how's that for humiliation? I'd be shocked if she got even a weak recommendation.

My main interest is

1/ Will Bush take the role of
a) loyal President/friend i.e. stick with her come what may
b) disloyal President/friend i.e. withdraw the nomination or
c) Politically savvy President/friend i.e. advise her to withdraw and when she refuses simply disassociate the WH from the process.

I feel for O'Connor really- all set to go fishing- or whatever and now she's got to stick around because of POTUS- anyone else think this is some kind of fate haunting her for her decision in Bush v Gore??!!!!!!!
10.24.2005 7:47pm
ANM (mail):
Why is it specifically social conservatives? Isn't she stridently anti-abortion (based on that questionnaire? If yes, what else are they concerned about?
10.24.2005 8:53pm
magoo (mail):
Kill two birds with one stone. Withdraw Miers; nominate Fitzgerald. Vacancy filled, Rove is liberated, on to Social Security reform.
10.24.2005 9:26pm