The New Greenspan:

When I first heard that President Bush was tapping a "White House economic adviser" to replace Alan Greenspan, I worried this was "Harriett Miers, Round II." It appears such concerns were completely unwarranted. Bush's choice of Ben Bernanke is getting very positive reviews. Tyler Cowen praises the choice here and here. Brad DeLong also calls Bernanke "a very good choice." If Cowen and DeLong agree — and the markets are up — who am I to suggest otherwise. (After all, I'm just a law professor.)

byrd (mail):
Would you LIKE to suggest otherwise?
10.24.2005 4:09pm
Juan Non-Volokh (mail) (www):
Byrd -- Not at all. I have no reason to believe Bernanke is anything but an excellent choice.

10.24.2005 4:44pm
From what I understand, Bush's personal accountant didn't want the job.
10.24.2005 5:39pm
I've seen some suggestions that he was picked in part because of his support for key Bush policies (such as the tax cuts). But at least he is highly qualified.
10.24.2005 5:43pm
Drewsil (mail):
That makes all the difference Medis. You expect a president to appoint people that support his policies, and those that share his views in relevant areas. However it is unacceptable to appoint them solely for that reason.
10.24.2005 6:53pm
The Drill SGT:
Finally something a non-lawyer and economist can write about.

This guy looks pretty good to me.

BA Harvard
Taught @ Stanford
Taught and Dept Chairman @ Princeton
Macro-economics (big picture national econ) expert
Monetary policy expert
author of book on causes of great depression
Member Federal Reserve
Chairman, President's Council of Econ Advisors

"won't upset the apple cart"

Just what the markets want to hear.
10.24.2005 8:11pm
Paul N (mail):
Juan, did you see Russ Roberts's post at Cafe Hayek? Pretty hilarious!
10.24.2005 10:01pm
ANM (mail):
The comment I wrote (which was deleted) was meant as a joke, parodying conspiracy theorists and anti-semites. I am Jewish myself.
10.26.2005 11:52pm