Volokh Conspiracy ads -- still a great deal,

for about the next three weeks. (Starting Nov. 16, we'll be going with Pajamas Media, which I imagine will charge a lot more.) According to the BlogAds counters, we get about 230,000 pageviews per week; the premium strip is only $400/week, and the standard strip only $150/week.

Visitor Again:
Oh, Eugene, you're so entrepreneurish. First your self-help books for aspiring law review authors and now this. You sexy little devil.

And so kind of you to point out the bargains available only this week--premium strip "only" $450 per week and standard strip "only" $150 per week--before you jack the prices up by switching to Pajamas Media, just like you pointed out that used copies of your law review writing books were available at lower prices than new copies even though you don't make a cent off the sale of used copies. You're such a good-hearted lad.

Do you accept porn ads? There's a lot more money to be made there, even by financially-pinched law school professors.
10.24.2005 4:29pm
Blog ads? What blog ads? Ahhhhh, the benefits of ad-blockers.
10.24.2005 4:37pm
I don't mind the ads, but Visitor Again brings up a good point. Do you have a policy for the type of ads you will accept?
10.24.2005 5:19pm
Visitor Again:
Nor do I mind if Eugene and his colleagues want to make some money off ads, even if part of it is from our efforts. But ads for the ads should be put with the ads, where we can avoid them if we wish. Sticking pitches for profit in the middle of the substantive stuff is annoying.
10.24.2005 5:40pm
wt (mail) (www):
That Professor Volokh's post/pitch for ad time allows comments is the last bit of evidence that this blog has become an interactive tool of the first rate.

Even those posts that are likely to inspire only negative comments still allow them. It's getting to the point where posters who disallow comments now look as though they're running away from criticism. Fantastic.
10.24.2005 6:51pm
Argle (mail) (www):
Do you have a policy for the type of ads you will accept?

Seeing as they're switching to Pajamas Media, expect a standard appropriate to the median Little Green Footballs commenter.
10.25.2005 1:19am