Americans for Better Justice:

To date, the conservative opposition to the Miers nomination has been somewhat unorganized and spontaneous. It now appears that the opposition has been raised a level with the new organization "Americans for Better Justice." It describes its mission as:

Americans for Better Justice, Inc. (ABJ) is a 501(c)(4) political non-profit organization made up of grassroots conservatives from across the country who support President George W. Bush, but disagree with the nomination of Harriet Miers to the Supreme Court.

ABJ supports the nomination to the Supreme Court of candidates who are highly qualified and have demonstrated a proven commitment to the principles of judicial restraint and respect for the original intent of the authors of the Constitution. Through education and advocacy, we will respectfully urge the Bush Administration to withdraw this nomination.

Given the White House's cries of "sexism" with respect to opposition to Miers's nomination, it is notable that ABJ's Board of Advisors includes several prominent female conservatives and libertarians (in addition to David Frum and others):

Americans for Better Justice Board of Advisors

David Frum

Linda Chavez

Mona Charen

E.C. Birg

George Conway

Virginia Postrel

Michael Dokupil

Ephraim (Fry) Wernick

ABJ's web site collects links to numerous articles by conservative luminaries commenting on the nomination.

I understand that David Frum is scheduled to appear on Laura Ingraham's radio show today to discuss this new group.

Needless to say, the crystalizing of conservative opposition into a more organized movement is not a good sign for the Miers nomination.


I am now hearing that although the web site is up already, the official public announcement may not come until tomorrow.

Jeremy (mail) (www):
This is awesome.

It's about time some conservatives got together and did something instead of just bitching. We've been riding high on 1994 for far too long. (I don't excuse myself; I've done a lot more bitching that working too.)

Conservatives of the world, unite!
10.24.2005 10:08am
Mark Brady:
"ABJ supports the nomination to the Supreme Court of candidates who are highly qualified and have demonstrated a proven commitment to the principles of judicial restraint and respect for the original intent of the authors of the Constitution."

Would I be correct in thinking that "respect for the original intent of the authors of the Constitution" is worded so as not to tie its signatories, including self-identified libertarian Virginia Postrel, to a narrow originalism such as that advocated by Robert Bork?
10.24.2005 10:54am
Huggy (mail):
Is this stuff a claim that Ms Miers is not qualified? What the President has underlined is that SCOTUS is a group of political toadies. All this scholarly hand wringing is hilarious.
What if Ms Miers is withdrawn? W nominates a firebrand? Then what happens. Logically Demos and Rinos should vote to confirm Ms Miers. Otherwise they might be forced to take a public stand. The gang of 14 allowed them to avoid that last time.
10.24.2005 11:11am
SimonD (www):
The link posted above doesn't work, what's up?
10.24.2005 11:42am
SimonD (www):
Ah, never mind. The correct domain name is
10.24.2005 12:18pm
big dirigible (mail) (www):
Hasn't that "cries of 'sexism' from the White House" stuff been demolished? There were cries of sexism, all righty, but they were from the press.

And besides, might that not be just a tiny factor after all, considering Miers' entanglements with Affirmative Action? Hmmm, maybe sexism <i>does</i> come into it. <i>Official</i> sexism, of course.
10.24.2005 12:57pm
Shelby (mail):
big d:

What is sexist about either supporting or opposing affirmative action?
10.24.2005 12:59pm
I hope they rewrite the "Why This Matters" section. It only addresses the issue of replacing O'Connor with a more reliably conservative vote, which is disappointing. It implicitly endorses the idea that the Supreme Court is merely a political body and that the real issue is finding a justice who will vote "correctly." There is no mention of the importance of competence or good writing skills, no mention of the role of a justice in effectively persuading colleagues or the broader legal community, and no mention of the importance of curtailing the dangerous culture of cronyism in the White House. It barely scratches the surface of "why this matters."
10.24.2005 1:05pm

ABJ is an organization started by Republican politicians. David Frum, Linda Chavez and Mona Charen--these are not philosophical conservatives, they are former Republican speechwriters. Their view IS that the Supreme Court is merely a political body. They may dress it up in strict constructionist clothing, but at the end of the day what they care about is results--and they aren't sure Miers will deliver.
10.24.2005 4:07pm

ABJ heard your comment and "will rotate a series of rationales detailing why it is so important that Harriet Miers' nomination be withdrawn - please submit your entries to"
10.24.2005 7:08pm
Eli (mail):

Pro choice / life &orientation rights should not be the only qualifiers for measuring morality, then why are the only issues being addressed in confirming the next Supreme Court Justice?

Here are the real issues of morality:

- Eli
10.26.2005 10:25am