Americans for Better Justice:

To date, the conservative opposition to the Miers nomination has been somewhat unorganized and spontaneous. It now appears that the opposition has been raised a level with the new organization "Americans for Better Justice." It describes its mission as:

Americans for Better Justice, Inc. (ABJ) is a 501(c)(4) political non-profit organization made up of grassroots conservatives from across the country who support President George W. Bush, but disagree with the nomination of Harriet Miers to the Supreme Court.

ABJ supports the nomination to the Supreme Court of candidates who are highly qualified and have demonstrated a proven commitment to the principles of judicial restraint and respect for the original intent of the authors of the Constitution. Through education and advocacy, we will respectfully urge the Bush Administration to withdraw this nomination.

Given the White House's cries of "sexism" with respect to opposition to Miers's nomination, it is notable that ABJ's Board of Advisors includes several prominent female conservatives and libertarians (in addition to David Frum and others):

Americans for Better Justice Board of Advisors

David Frum

Linda Chavez

Mona Charen

E.C. Birg

George Conway

Virginia Postrel

Michael Dokupil

Ephraim (Fry) Wernick

ABJ's web site collects links to numerous articles by conservative luminaries commenting on the nomination.

I understand that David Frum is scheduled to appear on Laura Ingraham's radio show today to discuss this new group.

Needless to say, the crystalizing of conservative opposition into a more organized movement is not a good sign for the Miers nomination.


I am now hearing that although the web site is up already, the official public announcement may not come until tomorrow.