Go Stillers:

Claire and I are getting ready for the Bengals this weekend.

chaoticgoodnik (www):
That's just about the cutest thing I ever saw. I knew I liked this blog for a reason. ;)

Go Stillers, indeed!
10.23.2005 11:10am
DNL (mail):





10.23.2005 11:35am
The baby may be cute, but no match for the Bengals' secondary!!!
10.23.2005 12:28pm
tefta (mail):
Claire looks might determined*. Bengals beware.

*Adorable too.
10.23.2005 12:50pm
Harriet Miers' Law Partner (mail):
Shouldn't that be "Go STEELERS"?
10.23.2005 2:44pm
JMRobinson (mail):
10.23.2005 3:35pm
JMRobinson (mail):
What would Hugh Hewitt say?
10.23.2005 3:35pm
10.23.2005 6:31pm
Oh, what hath Myron Cope wrought??
Steel Curtain redux came through again.
When will Claire be up for an Iron and a "jumbo" sandwich?
10.23.2005 6:41pm
It's nice to see the Bungles living up to their name again.

Yoi . . . Double Yoi!
10.23.2005 6:47pm
Whatever. The Bengals had a couple drives at the beginning that easily could have resulted in touchdowns (one was originally called a touchdown but reversed after replay). Had they taken advantage of those early breaks, they very likely may have won. Take a look at the stats for the game:

Total net yards (Pittsburgh 304; Cincinnati 302)
First downs (19; 19)
Turnovers (2; 2)
Third down efficiency (3-11; 3-11)
Penalties (5; 4)

Looks like a pretty even game to me (other than the score). What it doesn't look like to me is that the Bengals "bungled" it or that the Steelers dominated. Instead, it looks like two evenly matched teams where one took advantage of opportunities, and the other did not. We'll see what happens when they play again in a few weeks...
10.24.2005 12:15am
Claire is amazing. How old is she?
10.24.2005 5:32am
Paul doson (mail) (www):
How sweet! She's adorable!! This is the cutest pic I've ever seen.
10.24.2005 6:39am
Zywicki (mail):
She was 8 weeks when I took the picture (about a week ago).
10.24.2005 7:36am
Anonymous Jim (mail):
Prof. Zywicki,

I rarely agree with you but you are right on with this post. My daughter had on her Steelers shirt yesterday too. Alas, I did not get a picture of it because I was busy driving to Cincy to watch the game.


After the first two drives, I was scared but relieved that the Bengals came away with only 3 points. After that, the Bengals did not do much and the game was not close, numbers notwithstanding.
10.24.2005 8:59am
Johno (mail) (www):
There are some of us from northern Ohio who feel that this kind of thing puts children at risk of emotional scarring, affinity for french fries on samwiches, and extensive yinzing later in life.

It is a really cute picture, though.
10.24.2005 11:01am
Justin (mail):
I knew that you were my favorite conspirator for some reason :)

Incidentally, anyone here notice that Lucky Bar's two biggest tenants are Steelers fans and Browns fans?
10.24.2005 11:51am

Have you ever noticed that all of the Pour House's tenants are Stillers fans? Something to think about...I don't know how long I'd like to be around Cleve Brownies fans.
10.24.2005 1:22pm
Justin (mail):
LOL, yes. Sadly, I live 2 blocks from Lucky Bar, and am generally not going to make that long of a trip to watch the Stillers, esp. since its often one day after having been to the Pour House to see Michigan (its the UofM bar, and I'm an alum).

But for playoffs, see you there :).
10.24.2005 2:55pm