Bankruptcy Discussion on the Newshour with Jim Lehrer:

The video and transcript of my discussion with Gwen Iffel and Travis Plunkett of the Consumer Federation of America is now available on the PBS website here. The segment is about nine minutes long.

SimonD (www):
Enjoyable, although I think it's unfortunate that Travis had a head cold and wasn't able to really articulate a coherent explanation of why the new law is a bad thing, to balance the debate.
10.21.2005 3:51pm
Larry (mail) (www):
PBS is clearly biased and therefore I will not watch the debate. Anything on it would be too liberal for a values-oriented-family-type-person like me that respects the institution of marriage.
10.21.2005 4:14pm
SimonD (www):
I think it very, very unlikely that you're right. Of course PBS is biased, but to say that nothing on it is redeemable is absurd. Paul Gigot, for example, has been called many things, but "liberal" isn't one of them.

*All* the major networks are biased, if only towards vacuity. That doesn't mean that one should occaisionally tune in, and saying otherwise is empty-headed.
10.22.2005 2:54pm
RFJ (mail):
"They hired the money, didn't they?"... ...Cal Coolidge
10.23.2005 11:49am
mauro (mail):
A very interesting site of puzzles:
Oscar's Puzzles
10.28.2005 1:22pm