[Maggie Gallagher (guest-blogging), October 20, 2005 at 10:30am] Trackbacks
A Frank Concession:

A reader asks, "How about a frank admission that many people are opposed to gay marriage simply because they despise homosexuals, or have a strong religious feeling that homosexuality is wrong, wrong, wrong."

Yes this is true. In addition to the marriage debate about SSM, there is an overlapping and parallel moral debate over how we understand and accomodate sexual orientation.

For many people (almost all SSM advocates and a large number of SSM opponents) this is the main issue.

It's just not my issue. If Eugene wants to explore it intellectually on this space, he needs to find someone who knows more and has thought more than I have about it.

BTW, to the many comments posted: I really appreciate your input. And I will read and think about all your comments. But I've generated I dunno 500 comments. Please bear with me, as I spend most of the brief time left making my case, not rebutting yours.