Miers Hearings Scheduled for Nov. 7th:
CBS News has the scoop. I was also interested to see that Senators Specter and Leahy penned a letter to Miers asking for more detailed answers to the questions asked in the Senate questionnaire. Do any VC readers have a sense of whether this is unusual?
Goober (mail):

As to whether it's unusual, I don't really know whether it's got a long history of happening, but there doesn't seem to be anything extraordinary about Congressional investigators asking questions in two rounds rather than one.

And given the conundrum of the Miers nomination---not only is her ideology unknown (as was Roberts's), but even the baseline question of her competence and qualification is somewhat cast in doubt (as Roberts's was emphatically not)---I would actually rather expect a heightened degree of scrutiny, as it were.
10.19.2005 5:27pm
I don't know whether the followup is unusual, but the number of times she wrote "Dates not available" immediately jumped out at me. I've flipped through the questionnaires for Ginsburg, Breyer, and Roberts, and that sort of vagueness was rare (as I recall, at least). The Specter/Leahy letter could practically have been cut to one sentence: "Please try again, Ms. Miers, and this time PUT SOME EFFORT INTO IT, WILL YA?"

Q17 and Q27, though, do seem like shots across her bow...
10.19.2005 5:38pm
David Maquera (mail) (www):
The Miers nomination is going to be voted down by the full Senate 51-49.
10.19.2005 6:06pm
Bill R (mail):

Aw, give the poor lady a break - she's too busy boning up on the most important SCOTUS decisions and developing a "judicial philosophy" to have time to track down all the dates.
10.19.2005 6:20pm
E S Cioe (mail) (www):
It smells like Specter and Leahy are calling her out a bit. I think the post about "put in some effort this time" was dead on.
10.19.2005 6:53pm
Jeremy Pierce (mail) (www):
I'm pretty sure they did this with Alberto Gonzales when he was up for Attorney General. I know with both him and John Roberts they asked the nominee to submit written answers to a whole mess of questions after the hearings were completely done.
10.19.2005 7:33pm
TheAbsentMindedOne (www):
Since I had already posted reviews of two Texas appeals in which Miers participated, I thought it would be nice of her to explain why she did not list them.

Maybe they had the same thought.
10.19.2005 8:36pm
Eisenstern (mail):
The questionnaire responses were incredibly poor. She should be take the opportunity to redo them and be happy about it.
10.19.2005 10:23pm