Top 10 Questions To Ask During Law Firm Interviews:
It's callback season at law firms around the country, and that means thousands of law students are donning suits and interviewing for summer associate positions. The most awkward part of most interviews comes near the end, when the attorneys in charge run out of things to say and fallback on an old standard: "So, do you have any questions for me?" Most law students don't know how to respond. I thought I would help out by recommending some good questions to ask:

  1. "How would you describe the atmosphere here — Is it more like a labor camp or a slave ship?"
  2. "I heard there was this guy who came here and only billed like three hours a week. They say it took the firm two years to kick him out, and they gave him a nice bonus to leave, too. Is that true?"
  3. "Is it as bad as they say?"
  4. "No. Should I?"
  5. "I'm sorry, can you repeat the question?"
  6. "Is your managing partner qualified to be on the Supreme Court?"
  7. "Is there a bathroom on this floor?"
  8. "How many partners here are still on their first wives?"
  9. "Where am I? All of these firms look alike."
  10. "Where else are you interviewing?"

  These are just suggestions, of course. Other ideas welcome in the comment section. (Thanks to a colleague for Question #1.)

  UPDATE: I forgot this bonus question for current judicial clerks: "How long do I have to stay before I can keep all of my clerkship bonus?"