The Pocket Part:
The Yale Law Journal has launched The Pocket Part, an "online companion to the Yale Law Journal" that looks a bit like a blog. Here's the relevant blurb:
  The Pocket Part is the online companion to The Yale Law Journal. As members of the legal community know, legal publications often contain "pocket part" supplements with up-to-date information and commentary. The Pocket Part plays an analogous role. It features op-ed length versions of Journal articles and responses from leading practitioners, policymakers, and scholars. The Pocket Part also serves as a forum for our readers and authors to discuss legal scholarship.
  While full-length scholarly works remain at the center of legal debate, students, professors, and practicing lawyers are increasingly turning to the Internet to read about, and comment on, developments in the law. With The Pocket Part, the Journal hopes to combine the strengths of both print and online media, broadening the readership and influence of traditional legal scholarship while enriching the dialogue among the academy, bench, and bar.
  I've been wondering when law journals would try something like this; kudos to the YLJ editors for going first. Hat tip: Heidi Bond at Crescat.
Jeff V.:
Whoah, that does seem smart. If I make law review next year, I'll try to get Columbia to do something similar. I guess the only downside is that it would be extra work for the students who run law reviews, who already work pretty hard. Maybe they would have to hire a few more students? That wouldn't be too bad of a thing ...
10.19.2005 1:49am
Josh L:
I like the idea of 2 solicited brief comments and then opening it up for discussion. I'm not sure if their site answers this, but I wonder whether they'll feature one article every month, or add more to the site. (And how about student pieces?) Also, I wonder what effect the discussion thread will have on those "Response to Professor X" essays that law reviews sometimes run. In some ways, this won't be all that revolutionary. I wonder if their discussion threads will be better than some of the more active threads that Volokh, Prawfsblawg, or various other sites sometimes get going when they post an SSRN draft (or even a Westlaw link). But it's a good idea that I hope more law reviews take up. It's even more in their interest than Yale's. No one needs another reason to accept an offer of publication from the Yale Law Journal! (On that note, I'm surprised that The Pocket Part doesn't have "Yale" somewhere in the title. Seems like they buried its biggest selling point.)
10.19.2005 4:04am

They weren't first. Leave it up to the few libertarians at NYU Law to be ahead of the curve.
10.19.2005 11:11am
William Baude (mail) (www):
Note that the proper citation to a pocket part article does include Yale in the title-- a detail that the editors worked hard for.
10.19.2005 11:18am
Judy Coleman (mail) (www):
To answer your question, Josh, The Pocket Part will be posting a new article and responses with every print issue of the journal - so more or less every month. The next issue will be about the role of the civil rights lawyer. (See a better description by hovering the cursor over our Coming Soon blurbs.)

The goal is to have this site become more prolific over time, with weekly or even daily updates. This is just the beginning...
10.19.2005 12:27pm
A. Rickey (mail) (www):

Why does the Yale Law Journal's "Pocket Part" gets a full URL in the preferred citation format, and yet a mere and humble blog follows the ridiculous rules of the BB 18th Edition and gets only a link to the top-level URL?
10.19.2005 3:07pm