Schumer on Miers:
Newsday has an article on Chuck Schumer's reaction to meeting with Harriet Miers today:
  Schumer told a throng of reporters camped outside his Capitol Hill office that Miers either withheld her opinions — or didn't have enough knowledge of landmark privacy rights cases to answer specific questions.
  "I didn't learn answers to so many important questions," the Brooklyn Democrat said. "On many she wouldn't give answers. On many others she deferred, saying 'I need to sort of bone up on this a little more, I need to come to conclusions.'"
  Of course, it's hard to judge that based only on Schumer's recollection; among other things, we don't know exactly what questions Schumer asked.

  UPDATE: For a skeptical view of the Harriet Miers "relaunch," see this column by Dana Milbank.