Miers, Dobson, and Roe Revisited:
John Fund has a story in the Monday Wall Street Journal that promises to get a lot of attention. According to the story, Nathan Hecht and another judge told James Dobson and "other religious conservatives" on the day the Miers nomination was announced that they thought Miers "absolutely" would vote to overrule Roe v. Wade. An excerpt:
  On Oct. 3, the day the Miers nomination was announced, Mr. Dobson and other religious conservatives held a conference call to discuss the nomination. One of the people on the call took extensive notes, which I have obtained. According to the notes, two of Ms. Miers's close friends-- [Nathan Hecht and Ed Kinkeade,] both sitting judges--said during the call that she would vote to overturn Roe.
  . . . [The conference call was] a free-wheeling discussion about many topics, including same-sex marriage. Justice Hecht said he had never discussed that issue with Ms. Miers. Then an unidentified voice asked the two men, "Based on your personal knowledge of her, if she had the opportunity, do you believe she would vote to overturn Roe v. Wade?"
  "Absolutely," said Judge Kinkeade.
  "I agree with that," said Justice Hecht. "I concur."