Conservatives Call For Miers Withdrawal:

The Washington Times reports "Conservatives call to withdraw Miers":

The nomination of Harriet Miers to the Supreme Court has splintered President Bush's base and triggered a growing demand from his own supporters to withdraw her nomination.

"What a stupid, stupid mistake," said Mark W. Smith, a member of the conservative Federalist Society who has actively supported Mr. Bush but wants to see the nomination withdrawn. "You cannot fix this for 25 years."

Conservatives have stuck with Mr. Bush through the bloodiest and gloomiest days of the war in Iraq, held firm as administration officials are investigated for revealing a CIA operative's identity and given him a pass on the galloping federal spending. But blowing the historic opportunity to replace a swing vote on the Supreme Court is unforgivable, conservatives say.

"An awful lot of people hung in on the administration's coalition despite being troubled by the prolific spending, the war and everything else," said Paul W. Weyrich, a leader in the conservative movement. "The one thing they were certain of was that Bush would give us outstanding jurists."

Many conservative columnists and commentators -- including Peggy Noonan, the Reagan speechwriter who worked on Mr. Bush's re-election campaign -- have called on Mr. Bush to rescind Miss Miers' nomination.

Asked yesterday whether Miss Miers would request to have her nomination withdrawn, White House spokesman Scott McClellan responded, "No one that knows her would make such a suggestion, and no one that knows her record and her qualifications would make such a suggestion."

The fissure has separated the White House from some of Mr. Bush's most loyal Republicans in the Senate. Several -- including Sens. Trent Lott of Mississippi and George Allen of Virginia -- have publicly questioned whether Miss Miers was the right pick.

Adam Scales (mail):
"No one that knows her would make such a suggestion, and no one that knows her record and her qualifications would make such a suggestion."

Perhaps this is because no one knows her, her record, or what qualifications she possesses.
10.14.2005 12:08pm
Cato the Elder:
"no one that knows her record and her qualifications would make such a suggestion."

This is particularly spurious. We do know her qualifications, and we found them wanting.
10.14.2005 12:26pm
Cornellian (mail):
I'd probably quibble with the description of Trent Lott as one of "Bush's most loyal Republicans."
10.14.2005 12:27pm

You find Meirs qualifications wanting. She is qualified.

I have been waiting for even one item she lacks for qualification as a SCOTUS justice.

And the Washington Times quoting some member of some obscure organization, is not news or information.
10.14.2005 12:35pm
mikemccann (mail) (www):
I can't imagine that the Bush Administration would actually withdraw her nomination (or, more realistically, "urge" Ms. Miers to voluntarily withdraw). It would be a political fiasco of epic proportions, and further evidence of the cronyism/incompetence afflicting this Administration. I suspect the Administration would be better off sticking with her, and watching her get confirmed, even if the vote proves uncomfortably/embarrassingly close. It's always better to get a D on an exam than an F.
10.14.2005 12:35pm
Guest44 (mail):

How about this as a standard:
"Must have one or more of the following
- Experience as a judge.
- Experience as a litigator before SCOTUS.
- Experience as a professor of constitutional law.
- Freedom from perception of cronyism."

I should note that I think post-New Deal SCOTUS justices rightly are held to a higher standard that justices who came before, because of the recent expansion of the Court's power.
10.14.2005 1:03pm
Ken Willis (mail):
Bush is a stubborn man and for some inexplicable reason likes to get in the face of his supporters while groveling to people who hate him. I think there is a real risk that if Miers is forced to withdraw because of conservative pressure Bush will respond in a juvenile way and nominate someone equally bad or worse, like Alberto Gonzales, who could easily be another Souter.
10.14.2005 1:04pm
SimonD (www):
"I have been waiting for even one item she lacks for qualification as a SCOTUS justice."
The primary qualifications that she lacks are:

a) A coherent and well-documented philosophy of constitutional interpretation which presents no inherent contradictions against one's parallel philosophy of statutory interpretation, and in which the relevant weight and approximate scope of stare decisis is coherently explained.


b) A demonstrable commitment to originalism (demonstrable in the sense of a paper trail rather than word-of-mouth).

As soon as we see a string of law review articles documenting these things, I will support Ms. Miers wholeheartedly. Unless or until they are produced, I am intractably opposed. Stealth nominees have NEVER worked out for Republican Presidents, after the last disaster, we realized this; apropos, the battle cry for a decade has been "no more Souters." At what point did it become "just one more try - trust me!"?
10.14.2005 1:07pm
SimonD (www):
Ken - isn't the concern precisely that if Bush gets his way on this one, he will feel emboldened to appoint Gonzales if Stevens doesn't make it to 1/21/09? If Miers can be stopped, Gonzales can be stopped. If Miers is confirmed, we are one death or retirement away from Justice Gonzales.
10.14.2005 1:11pm
Millawyer (mail):
Mike Mccann,
The point of Miers withdrawal is that an uncomfortable situation for this administration is better than a possible 25 years of poor legal decisions made by Miers. The proper analogy should be that it is always better to withdraw from the class rather than get an F on the exam.

While I believe that she is qualified, I don't believe that she is any more qualified that 100's, or possibly 1000's, of lawyers around the country. I am (was) a Bush supporter, but this nomination and the subsequent defenses to criticism show that there is no justification for Miers as a justice other than that Bush thinks she will vote the way that he would like. The problem is that many conservatives would rather that she exhibit conservative jurisprudence than vote how Bush would like, of which I've seen no indication in her past.
10.14.2005 1:12pm
This isn't about Miers, it's about Bush's failure to honor the committment he made to keep conservatives, who were generally unhappy with Republican domestic policies, on board thru the 2004 elections. He sold the Right 'a Scalia' and it's time for him to deliver.

If the Right lets this slide they will become to the Republicans what Blacks are to the Democrats. Many of them realize this, hence the uproar.
10.14.2005 1:24pm
SimonD, I really like how you use hypertext to link back to a commenter's post. i'm sure it would prove useful in long comment threads if many people did it. i am going to adopt your way of doing things.
10.14.2005 1:24pm
Cato the Elder:
Guest 44, we should also add these to the list:

-A more than de minimus level of experience with Constitutional Law.
-Must not have chosen yourself (or, for that matter, have been in charge of bludgeoning the opposition) for the position. This is related to your non-cronyism requirment, but strikes me as a different-in-kind and uniquely despicable.

Corngrower, it is quite clear from your last string of "argument" that you have never read the Constitution and have no idea what it requires. I have tried not to make ad hominem attacks -- which is the White House's MO, not mine -- but your failure to say anything rational makes that very difficult for me. However, in response to your request for "one item," how about (1) "her absolute lack of any relevant work experience," or (2) "her friendship with Bush as the primary reason for her last 5 jobs and for this nomination," or (3)" her grossly unethical conflict of interest in vetting the other candidates."

Each of these, I would think, is sufficient reason for the Senate to laugh at the President and ask him when he is going to nominate his real choice. They all certainly fit within the Framer's understanding of disqualifications under the Senate's "advice and consent." Of course, you would know that if you spent a little more time reading the Constitution and the Federalist Papers and less time pretending to have read the former and brushing aside the latter.
10.14.2005 1:28pm
SimonD (www):
FlavaFlay - I stole the idea from Beldar, so I can't take credit, but I certainly agree it's a good idea.

(n.b., I strongly disagree with Beldar over Miers, but I usually enjoy his blog, and I feel confident he will realize his mistake in this case and do the right thing before it's too late)
10.14.2005 1:29pm
Battaile (mail):
"No one that knows her would make such a suggestion, and no one that knows her record and her qualifications would make such a suggestion."

McLellan is beyond terrible, Ari must laugh his ass off whenever he watches a press conference now. Her qualifications as far as I can tell are that W's gut trusts her (and Brownie, who's doing a heck of a job), she has a valid driver's license, and she worships W. Actually, I guess McLellan is right this time, with those qualifications I guess her asking out of the nomination is a long shot unless W ok's it.
10.14.2005 2:44pm
Nobody (mail):
Don't tell David Bernstein that the Washington Times "newspaper" described the Federalist Society as "conservative." He might blow a circuit if he has to tell us about the "big tent" again.
10.14.2005 3:04pm
Fun! Where to start?

Must have: experience as a judge. No, Don’t have to, its not there in the Constitution
And maybe you would like to tell us of the Justices that do not have judicial
Experience. I’ll give you a start, the last chief justice of the court.

Litigated before SCOTUS: Well lets see I guess your right. Dump her and nominate an obscure Judge Bork, oh wait he meets all of your criteria but failed some how.

Experience as a professor of constitutional law: Please you don’t even have
To be a lawyer.

Freedom from perception of cronyism: Yep, dump her and call in the Gov.
of Florida.

So how did the post new deal court gain more power? See I have some age on me and I don’t see that change in the Constitution.
Your welcome to your opinion, and you may want a different nominee. You get to, after January 20th 2009, and you’re the President.


a) want to be a lawyer heh? Her Constitutional vision has been approved by the person charged by the constitution to nominate her. You get to interview her during senate hearings. BTW stare decisis is a legal concept and not a single SCOTUS justice is bound by that concept. Lower court judges must adhere to a certain extent or come up looking foolish. Judges can and do ignore stare decisis all the time. Stare decisis would warrant that SCOTUS would uphold the restriction of the govt taking my property and selling it to another private entity.
b) Originalism: Well that sounds good, but then you get all the Democrats riled, and the spineless Republicans will let them.
And of course the acid test is law review articles edited by college students that have none of the above.
You got a hell of a system. (of course nothing said so far, is in the constitution).

Oh Cato…

I have read the constitution. That is why you, or anyone, can come up with a constitutional reason to oppose Meirs. You know that. That’s why you cant give me a reason, other than your opinion of why you disagree with the choice. That’s fine. Just don’t hide behind a bunch of high brow thinking and try to pass it off as law. The law that governs this is very plain, short, and concise. Under the law she is qualified.
And to your reasons for dissquallification. The Senate needs no reason to vote no. If YOU read the constitution you would know that.
10.14.2005 3:08pm
Cato the Elder:
Really? Which section of the COnstitution are you referring to? The "I am a political hack who cannot spell and doesn't know the nominee's name but I must always obey the mighty W" section?
10.14.2005 4:10pm
Shelby (mail):

Where did anyone say that Miers does not meet the constitutional criteria of a Supreme Court justice? There can be other criteria as well. A high-school diploma is not a constitutional criterion either -- does that mean we'd be out of bounds to insist a candidate have one in order to be minimally qualified? How about basic literacy?
10.14.2005 4:14pm
Hi Cato!

Hell of a come back. But (careful here, do not want to miss key anything), argue a thought, if ya got one. Maybe I dont type so well, but I am smart enough to understand the concept of 'qualified'. She is. You are wrong. Dont like the nomination? Fine. Just do not couch your displeasure by saying things like, unqualified, or quote the federlist papers, that have no bearing on the discussion.


You, and me and Cato, etc can voice your concerns. Just do not insist that your criteria, are qualifications. Basic literacy? Maybe that should be a qualification for voting, or running for public offfice, or, maybe to get a drivers license, or open a bank account, or get a job. Wow I have found a whole new world! The govt can establish basic literacy to participate in govt. You do not now how much I like the way you think!
10.14.2005 4:49pm
Veggie_Burger (mail):
Putting myself in Ms. Mier's shoes for a moment, I'd say, "Damn the torpedoes, Full speed ahead! I'll never give up or give in to my detractors. You'll never get me to crawl before you, and I'll spit in your eyes if get get too close! You'll see me sitting on the Supreme Ct. before long, and I have NOTHING to prove to you! I'm a person of intelligence, integrity, ability, and above all else valor. I am woman. Hear me roar!"
10.14.2005 4:54pm
RPS (mail):
Mr. Corngrower, let me try and help. I think your disagreement with Shelby and Cato is stemming from your use of a different definition of qualification than everyone else. You seem to be using qualified as meaning requirement. Yes, there is no doubt Miers meets what few requirements there are to be a Supreme Court Justice, e.g., she has a pulse. But qualification also refers to an individual's ability to perform a certain task. Therefore, it is certainly acceptable to say Miers is not qualified because she does not meet certain criteria.

I'm also providing a link to the definitions of qualification for your convenience.

(My apologies to everyone who had to read this)
10.14.2005 5:12pm
RPS (mail):

Putting myself in Ms. Mier's shoes for a moment, I'd say, "Damn the torpedoes, Full speed ahead! I'll never give up or give in to my detractors. You'll never get me to crawl before you, and I'll spit in your eyes if get get too close! You'll see me sitting on the Supreme Ct. before long, and I have NOTHING to prove to you! I'm a person of intelligence, integrity, ability, and above all else valor. I am woman. Hear me roar!"

If you have the ability to run circles around the Judiciary Committe a la John Roberts that's a fine attitude to have, but from what we have seen so far she does not. I will just feel bad for her if she gets in front of the committee and bombs, especially since it looks like she won't have many friendly questioners -- her not doing well would be good for the country, but I would still feel bad for her.
10.14.2005 5:22pm
Cato the Elder:
Why do the Federalist papers have "no bearing" on Miers' qualifications. They were contemporaneous with the Constitution and were written by the Founders (and in fact were co-written by the author of the Constitution itself). They are the best source we have with regard to the Founders' understanding of the Constitution. Equally important, the Federalist Papers were published for the explicit purpose of informing public opinion during the ratification process. They are also the best source we have with regard to the voters' understanding of the Constitution at the time of ratification.

I am sorry that you do not find Federalist 76 persuasive, but the fact remains that both the men who wrote the Constitution and the citizens who ratified it understood that there were some circumstances (specifically, cronyism and a lack of relevant experience) that fit within the Senate's responsibility of "advice and consent" and require Senators to reject this nominee.

You will have to forgive me for siding with Madison and Hamilton over a nominee who strongest supporters cannot defend her qualifications on their merits, but rather must resort to charges of "sexism" and false claims about other candidates "dropping out." Both I and the Founders expect better.
10.14.2005 5:58pm
Nunzio (mail):
I thought the Federalist Papers were written to persuade New Yorkers to ratify the Constitution.

Anyway, like the Constitution they attempt to explain, the Federalist Papers are pretty vague, allowing anyone to read into them what they want. Original intent? Original understanding? Original meaning? Good luck.
10.14.2005 6:15pm
Cato the Elder:
the Federalist Papers are pretty vague, allowing anyone to read into them what they want.

Then please explain to me the alternate interpretation of this:

"To what purpose then require the co-operation of the Senate? I answer, that the necessity of their concurrence ... would be an excellent check upon a spirit of favoritism in the President, and would tend greatly to prevent the appointment of unfit characters from State prejudice, from family connection, from personal attachment, or from a view to popularity. . . . He would be both ashamed and afraid to bring forward, for the most distinguished or lucrative stations, candidates who had no other merit than that of coming from the same State to which he particularly belonged, or of being in some way or other personally allied to him, or of possessing the necessary insignificance and pliancy to render them the obsequious instruments of his pleasure."

All three of the latter factors are true of Miers, and quite obviously so.

Does this look vague to you? No. It specifically sets forth a very narrow list of reasons for rejecting the President's choice. Unfortunately for Miers, it sets forth the precise reasons why Bush selected her.
10.14.2005 6:32pm
I live in the United States. I am covered by the Constitution. The Federlist Papers are a great read. But hey, are not law. The Federlist Papers describe the thought process of some of the people that wrote the legal document, refered to by some as the constitution of the United States. Dont have time for much more. But character referers to people that do not live their life properly.(drinking during the day, no job, doing their intern in their office will the wife is out of town, not lying to a grand jury), that kind of character.
10.14.2005 6:49pm
Bill Dyer (mail) (www):
Cato: That is just a stupid argument. I'm sorry, I know it's not civil to say "That's stupid." It's so direct and blunt. It may get my comment stricken; I'll defer to our hosts if my hitting the gong during your performance is against house rules.

But to say that Ms. Miers has "no qualifications" other than coming from the same home state as the President, for example, is just so outrageously counterfactual -- not opinions, but objective, verifiable facts -- that the only word I can apply to it is "stupid." And it's worse, because you're articulate enough that I'm reasonably sure (guessing now, though) that you purposefully blinded yourself to those objective facts.

You may say — and if you do I will not call it "stupid" — that you find her particular credentials and experience insufficiently impressive, as a matter of degree. You may say, as my blogospheric friend SimonD does for example, that you have a special, extra-Constitutional and a-historical set of qualifications (a trail of law review articles) that you impose, and she doesn't have them, in response to which I'll point out that that's extra-Constitutional, a-historical, and a bad idea because law professors have largely been who got the Court into its current troubles; but I won't call your argument stupid.

But the argument you've made is stupid. Not just wrong, but obviously, indefensibly wrong. As in you don't get a D on the test, you get a zero. If you by contrast are not stupid — and I doubt that you are, I suspect instead you're engaging in rhetorical excess out of strong passions — I suggest that you consider revising this argument. Because when someone insists that the earth is flat, there's no point discussing the finer points of geography with him.
10.15.2005 7:05pm
Cato the Elder:
There you have it -- the totality of every argument made on behalf of this nomination for the past two weeks. This is exactly why everyone is upset. She is a crony. She was nominated because she was a crony. That is all.

What is the White House's response? What is yours? Is it to point out any of Miers' alleged "qualifications"? Of course not, because she has done nothing of merit except head a left-leaning union that is historically hostile to conservatives.

Call me stupid if you want. I will continue to believe that one must bring some substance to the table before being nominated to the Supreme Court. I will continue to believe that it is not enough to be the President's friend and sycophant. I will continue to believe that it is grossly unethical for someone to vet candidates for a job when that very person is seeking the position herself. And you will continue being a partisan hack.
10.16.2005 1:38pm
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