Bainbridge Poll on Miers Nomination:

Steve Bainbridge is running a poll on the Miers nomination--For, Against, or Wait and See. Vote here.

Thank you very much for the link.

As one might expect, at this early moment in the poll (299 votes cast), only 8% are for, while 70% are against and 22% have voted for "wait-and-see."
10.12.2005 4:53pm
Anderson (mail) (www):
This latest from Andy Card is just astonishing:

He testified to Miers' intellectualism by reminding listeners that Miers had majored in math ("something Herman Kahn would have liked") and has counseled the president on any number of challenges -- "and by the way, that includes constitutional challenges."

At which point Card himself turned constitutional scholar. As White House chief-of-staff, he found the most intriguing article, he said, to be Article II, which established the presidency and the executive branch. Miers, he continued, understood Article II as well, and would defend it "when challenged by those given the power to challenge it by Article I [i.e., the Congress] and Article III [i.e., the courts]."

Was anybody at this speech (Hudson Institute, Tues. night) who can corroborate these remarks?
10.12.2005 5:49pm
JackJohn (mail):
I'm not surprised. Miers is there to do 2 things: protect the President on the War on Terror and overturn Roe. She needs only to vote right to do either.
10.12.2005 6:04pm
erp (mail):
I'll bet the Wait &See's pick up numbers as the days go by.
10.12.2005 6:07pm
Unless the Senate confirmation hearing gives us compelling evidence to the contrary, it seems likely that, if confirmed, Miers will, at least at the beginning of her tenure, become a "sidekick" Justice to Scalia, Thomas and Roberts. After Bush leaves office, it would seem that all bets are off.
10.12.2005 6:10pm
Anderson (mail) (www):
Well, I see that Pat Robertson has threatened defeat for any Republican senators who vote against Miers.

I have long awaited the intra-Republican showdown between the business/libertarian conservatives and the Religious Right ... it's too much to hope that this will be it, but it's got to happen sometime.
10.12.2005 6:44pm
Glenn @ Instapundit is also running a poll on this topic.

Some of us are both religious right and libertarian...
10.12.2005 6:54pm
Victoria (mail) (www):
I know it's bad form to reveal your voting habits publicly, but here's one Wait-and-See vote.

Althouse has since mellowed on Miers, but I've since soured on her. Such is life. ;)

10.12.2005 7:11pm
And other of us are neither.
10.12.2005 7:13pm
Thorley Winston (mail) (www):
Another Wait and See. Pity that Glen Reynolds didn't include it as a option for his poll which is getting far more play.
10.12.2005 7:23pm
Shelby (mail):
the intra-Republican showdown between the business/libertarian conservatives and the Religious Right

Only the schism isn't between those two. Too lazy to track them down, but multiple reports have said the business community likes Miers, based on her litigation background and some pro-business actions as Bush's adviser in Texas (e.g., getting him to veto a law that would have prevented the TX Supreme Court from limiting lawyers' fees).

Libertarians are generally hostile to her -- she's being marketed as a social conservative who would aggrandize administrative power.

The Religious Right is split between those who trust Bush that she'll vote their way, and those who don't.
10.12.2005 7:50pm
Shelby (mail):
Sorry - "administrative" should be "executive"
10.12.2005 7:52pm
Anderson (mail) (www):
Shelby demonstrates that my longed-for showdown isn't pending. Sigh.

CJ: "Some of us are both religious right and libertarian..."

I find that intriguing enough, CJ, to ask how you're defining those terms. You have an opportunity to correct misimpressions of libertarianism, fundamentalism, or both.
10.12.2005 8:43pm
andrewwilliam (mail):
Does anyone know what "two" potential nominees withdrew their names? The media claims there were two, but McClellan's comments were so vague it could have been more.

P.S. Harry Blackmun had an undergraduate degree in math.
10.12.2005 8:46pm
Thorley Winston (mail) (www):
Well, I see that Pat Robertson has threatened defeat for any Republican senators who vote against Miers.

Really, cite please.
10.13.2005 12:23am
JackJohn (mail):
I vote for the impeachment of the President.
10.13.2005 12:43am
Well, what I've used in the past as a tag-line in forums is this:
22, male, Christian, pro-gun, pro-life, pro-Constitution.

I'm a fundamentalist Christian, and that's my number one priority. My understanding is that automatically makes me part of the religious right... there aren't any other places out there for us Bible-thumpers ;) Government-wise, I am a fan of John Locke and Adam Smith, and I believe that small government encourages individual freedom and prosperity, and is basically best for everyone. Government exists to defend people &their property against predators foreign and domestic. Beyond that, there is no inherent need in humanity for a government.
For further reading:
Locke's Second Treatise on Government
10.13.2005 12:50am
Christian Brower:
I voted AGAINST. I would say wait and see, but does anyone really believe the confirmation hearings will give us any real insight to what kind of judge she will be? Because I believe the hearings are mostly a charade, I vote against now.
10.13.2005 2:41am
Serenity Now (mail) (www):
Anderson: Well, I see that Pat Robertson has threatened defeat for any Republican senators who vote against Miers.

Thorley Winston: Really, cite please.

10.13.2005 3:03am
Jeremy (mail) (www):
Pat Robertson has made a terrible mistake issuing a such a threat. It leaves a very bad taste in my mouth, and I'm an evangelical social conservative.

My suspicion is that Mr. Robertson enjoys getting phone calls from Karl Rove and George W. Bush. It's gotta be flattering to be on the President's speed dial, and there are few among us who would jeopardize such a relationship.
10.13.2005 3:10am
Jerome C. Austriaco (mail) (www):
"Does anyone know what "two" potential nominees withdrew their names? The media claims there were two, but McClellan's comments were so vague it could have been more."

I believe I read that Priscilla Owen was one.
10.13.2005 4:56am
Witness (mail):
I for one don't understand the uncertainty among the evangelical conservatives regarding this nominee. Hello. AGAINST.

This is a sixty year old woman who has never married but has had several "boyfriends." It's quite obvious that she has had premarital sex, and if she has, she - like every other single "career woman" - has relied on the so-called Constitutional right to abortion on demand. This simply CANNOT be our next Supreme Court justice. As for Bush - the blood of so many babies is now on his hands. He will be held accountable.
10.13.2005 5:11am
"I believe I read that Priscilla Owen was one."

I read that a friend has relayed that she "most emphatically" did not. Who knows.
10.13.2005 5:53am
Pat Robertson prays for Justices to die. Just a reminder.
10.13.2005 8:42am
Daniel Chapman (mail):
Has anyone else noticed the quality of comments has been dropping lately? Things are degenerating into cynical, partisan sniping. They're almost not worth reading anymore, and that's a shame.
10.13.2005 10:11am
Half Sigma (mail) (www):
She simply isn't qualified for the highest level job in the legal profession. She didn't even graduate Order of the Coif, as I explain at my blog.
10.13.2005 11:05am
Amy Zon:
The first question during the hearings should be "Are you a crony?" The second should be "why are you qualified for this job?" I would enjoy hearing answers to both questions.
10.13.2005 11:58am
Anderson (mail) (www):
CJ, where does that leave you on issues like the legalization of homosexual sodomy? Just curious; I'm still trying to understand the fundamentalist-liberatarian p.o.v.

Thanks, Serenity Now, for enlightening Thorley.
10.13.2005 1:10pm
Guest2 (mail):
CJ, I also would be interested in hearing more about the Religious Right / Libertarian combo. I've always thought they were incompatible positions.
10.13.2005 3:16pm
Houston Lawyer:
Guest, the Religious Right/Libertarian combo is not so odd. National Review, which is clearly part of the religious right, advocates a policy of legalization of what are now controlled drugs, such as marijuana. Now the National Review would clearly favor many types of regulation of activities that hard-core libertarians would leave unregulated. If you define your group too narrowly, you will end up all by yourself.
10.13.2005 3:40pm
Daniel Chapman (mail):
You've never even heard of John Derbyshire, have you?
10.13.2005 4:22pm
Daniel Chapman (mail):
hmmm... since this is the internet I suppose I should clarify before I start a blood feud. That was a good-natured defense of NR, not a personal attack on the breadth of your reading habits.
10.13.2005 4:24pm
Witness, relax. She's obviously a lesbian.
10.13.2005 4:27pm
Witness (mail):

So she's a either a homosexual or a fornicator (and possible abortionist). Either way, she should be disqualified from serving on the Supreme Court of the United States.
10.13.2005 6:15pm
I thought the term "abortionist" was generally applied to doctors who perform abortions. Don't you mean she's possibly an "abortionee"?

Also, couldn't she be celebate? She's evangelical, my understanding is that they're big on celibacy. Is there a presumption that anybody who is old, single, and childless is a sinner, or is it something specific about Miers? Not being snarky, that's a sincere question.
10.13.2005 6:52pm
Shelby (mail):
Either way, she should be disqualified from serving on the Supreme Court of the United States.

Unconfirmable, and perhaps in a narrow way that means "disqualified". Assuming that's not what you mean, what about your categories makes her disqualified?
10.13.2005 7:55pm
Witness (mail):
guest: Bush trumpeting her status as an "evangelical" is deceptive; it's only being done in an attempt to ameliorate those portions of the Religious Right he alienated with the pick in the first place. She's clearly an opportunist. She became a Republican when Texas did, and she became an "evangelical" when that became helpful in being a successful Texas Republican. So I highly doubt she is celibate. And an "abortionist" is anyone who performs abortion. A consensual abortion requires the participation of both the woman and the doctor in the performance (i.e. the undertaking and completion) of the pregnancy's termination. The "abortionee" is the murdered child. Don't impute that sort of innocence and victimization onto Harriet Miers.

Shelby: She's disqualified because she lacks the most important quality for a Supreme Court justice - morality.
10.14.2005 12:25am
Walt H:
I am surprised Alf Landon is not winning Bainbridge's poll.
10.14.2005 1:41am
Witness: good news! Turns out Miers "has not known the love of a man or woman."
10.14.2005 2:38pm
Daniel Chapman (mail):
Man... I think discussing the chastity (or lack thereof) of a nominee is a new low...
10.14.2005 2:50pm

CJ, where does that leave you on issues like the legalization of homosexual sodomy? Just curious; I'm still trying to understand the fundamentalist-liberatarian p.o.v.

What people do in their own bedrooms is their own business. The Bible says it's a sin, but it's their personal decision to make. I am also in favor of ending Drug Prohibition for basically the same reasons. God gave us free will and the ability to choose between doing what's right and doing what's wrong. As long as the choices made don't interfere with anyone else's ability to do the same, I do not see any legitimate grounds for forceful (ie governmental) intervention.
10.14.2005 4:15pm
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10.25.2005 7:12am