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What do these people

have in common?

Tenor Luciano Pavarotti, Actor Hugh Jackman, Actor Kirk Cameron, Gold Medalist Marion Jones, Puzzleblogger Kevan Choset.

(Answer below.)


Anonymous Puzzle Lover:
Happy birthday!
10.12.2005 10:20am
RJL (mail):
And, of course, none of them were born in your kitchen.
10.12.2005 10:24am
Sasha (mail):
Also, they share a birthday with Sasha Volokh.
10.12.2005 10:29am
Sasha (mail):
Others include Joan Rivers, and Harvard law prof David Shapiro. Happy birthday Kevan!
10.12.2005 10:29am
Amanda (mail):
Happy birthday, Kevan and Sasha! Something about being born on October 12 apparently makes one good-natured and exceptionally adept at word games, as both of you are.
10.12.2005 11:03am
VC Regular (mail):
They are people who have never been in my kitchen.
10.12.2005 11:57am
just me:
I suggest that the appropriate "kitchen" response is that they are all invited to have a slice of birthday cake in my kitchen. :-)

Happy day.
10.12.2005 1:29pm
wt (mail) (www):
Ok, seriously folks, please no more attempts at the kitchen "joke."

At least not two in the same comments section.

I think the one by RJL is somewhat funny, given that it's a twist on the normal joke that actually relates to the original post.

But VC Regular, come on man. How is it funny to repeat the same joke (already made, and made better)?

Can we stop the insanity?
10.12.2005 1:39pm
Sasha (mail):
Clearly, Amanda, your not being born on October 12 has proven to be no bar to being good-natured and adept at word games.
10.12.2005 2:27pm
Cheburashka (mail):
wt - you have a point, but these people haven't been in my kitchen either.
10.12.2005 3:28pm
RJL (mail):
Thanks WT.

I actually think there are some opportunities to turn the lame old "in my kitchen" joke into decent humor, but it will take some creativity.
10.12.2005 6:31pm
Jim Rhoads (mail):
They were all born on the same date as my oldest daughter. A great day for me and Columbus whose day it used to be until 1968.
10.12.2005 8:30pm
Chetly Zarko (mail) (www):
In addition, they share a birthday with me.

October 12 is an awesome day to be born.
10.12.2005 9:39pm
2L somewhere:
And the 12th of October is my birthday also!
Go Libras!
10.12.2005 10:06pm
John Armstrong (mail):
Don't forget King Edward VI and Aleister Crowley.
10.13.2005 10:51am