Dartmouth Alumni Association Petition Slate:

I see that a group of Dartmouth Alumni have qualified for the ballot as petition candidates to run for the leadership of the Dartmouth Alumni Association Executive Committee. As Dartmouth alumni may be aware, a new Dartmouth alumni constitution has been proposed that would dramatically change the election process for voting for trusteees, and in particular, would change the rules for petition candidates to gain access to the ballot as well as changing the voting rules for trustee elections. The full text of the proposed alumni constitution is available Alumni Relations homepage. The petition slate for the leadership of the alumni association pledge that they will oppose the proposed changes to the alumni constitution that would change the trustee petition process and voting rules.

You should visit their web page if you want more information (including commentary on the proposed alumni constitution), but they summarize their platform as follows:

Our petition slate of candidates pledges to:

Amend the existing constitution to allow all alumni to vote in Association elections, whether they are physically in Hanover or not; restore the right of alumni to vote for the second term of alumni trustees (taken away from alumni in 1990 without notice); and insist the Administration accept budget transparency as offered at many other colleges.

Preserve the current petition trustee electoral process, provide full disclosure of election results; oppose any change in the constitution that restricts alumni participation; give dissenting voices access to College publications.

Support the preservation of Dartmouth as primarily a liberal arts college, with its resources concentrated toward achieving the highest level of undergraduate education.

I have not been able to locate any information about the those who have been nominated by the alumni association or whether they support the proposed changes to the alumni constitution and trustee election rules. If that information is available, somebody please send me the information and I will update this post to provide links to the relevant material.

Voting for the alumni association leadership will be October 23 (Sunday of Homecoming Weekend) at 11:00 a.m. Specific information about the meeting is available here.

Regardless of who your support and your views on the new alumni constitution and trustee election rules, I hope that all Dartmouth alumni will make an effort to attend the meeting of the alumni association meeting to vote for the alumni leadership and to express your views on the new constitution. This is, obviously, a very important election for Dartmouth's future.

Let me make very clear that this post is not intended as an endorsement of either the alumni association nor the petition slate, but simply urging alumni to participate in the alumni association meeting on October 23.

erp (mail):

Am I reading your post above correctly?

There are two slates running for the leadership of the Dartmouth Alumni Association Executive Committee: a petition slate which pledges that they will oppose the proposed changes to the constitution and a slate nominated by the alumni association whose names and their positions on the proposed constitution are unknown to you even though, if I remember correctly, you were elected to the board of trustees.

As a non-alum who supports reform in high-ed, I find it very curious that this information isn't made available to trustees mere weeks before the voting is scheduled to take place.
10.12.2005 10:33am
Yet Another Non-Dartmouth Alumn (mail):
Put simply:

Who cares?

Seriously, how many Dartmouth alumn readers do you have? Five? Six?
10.12.2005 2:20pm
Well here's one Dartmouth Alumn who is very interested in this. Simply ignore it if it's of no interest to you!

BTW YANDA, erp actually shows some interest despite his non-alumn status...
10.12.2005 3:48pm
erp (mail):
Cabbage: That's her non-alum status and the reason for the interest should be obvious to anyone interested in our educational system.

Todd is probably among the .0099 percent of trustees of a major college or university who isn't a koolaid drinking moonbat or a brain dead source of endowment and he's trying to bring some air and light to the Dartmouth campus. Perhaps it will catch on and other alums will scale the walls of indifference to make changes at their own Alma Maters.

Good luck Todd and keep us informed.
10.12.2005 6:19pm
Sorry erp, I was thinking Wyatt Erp. I should have also considered "erp" as the shortened form of "Erpeline" a fairly common name among Finnish women.
10.12.2005 6:51pm
erp (mail):
Cabbage, That's Wyatt Earp and erp is (are?) my initials. Thanks for Erpeline though. I like it and may adopt it.
10.12.2005 7:31pm
Michael Kennedy (mail) (www):
I was at the DMS reunion last month. Too bad we can't get absentee ballots or qualify to vote by a visit to the campus in the same calendar year. This is obviously a ploy by the administration to emasculate (oophorectomize ?") the alumni.
10.17.2005 11:43pm
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10.25.2005 7:15am