Not Quite:
Howard links to a World Net Daily article headlined "Harriet Miers contributed to Hillary's election in 2000". If you read the piece carefully, though, you see that the facts don't live up to the headline. Harriett Miers gave to her law firm's Political Action Committee, and the firm PAC gave money to lots of candidates -- including Hillary Clinton's campaign.
Justin Kee (mail):
And if you read the piece carefully, the fact that the source is the "World Net Daily" should be cause for alarm in and of itself.....
10.11.2005 1:15am
'World Nut Daily'; 'nuf said.
10.11.2005 9:25am
Gordon (mail):
Darn! After reading that article I was going to call my Senator and tell him to support her down the line!
10.11.2005 11:33am
NickM (mail) (www):
That piece is far more embarrassing than its spin that "she gave to a certain PAC which gave to Hillary" means "she contributed to Hillary". That is fairly standard political spin.

But the piece contains other blatant falsehoods which anyone who looked at the records could figure out.

1. Miers never contributed to Bill Clinton. Some twit who doesn't read well saw on FEC records that Mrs. Harris W. Miers gave $250 to Bill Clinton in 1991, and sent out an alert last week that Miers contributed to Clinton. It made Drudge at one point, and has been heard on several TV and radio shows, but it's the wrong person.

2. The contribution to Al Gore for President was in 1988, not "in the 1990s".

3. The contribution to Nick Lampson was in 2000. He was running in Texas's 9th District, while DeLay was in the 22nd District, in 2000. It was not until 2004 when Lampson ran against DeLay.

10.11.2005 2:51pm