The Econ Nobels:

This year's Nobel Prize in Economics has been awarded to Thomas Schelling and Robert Aumann for their work on game theory. It's a nice pairing, as Schelling's work is quite accessible and non-technical, whereas Aumann's is more mathmatically oriented. Sometime VC co-blogger Tyler Cowen provides links on the announcement here with his perspective on what the prize means. He also has separate posts here on Schelling and Aumann.

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There is no "Nobel Prize in Economics." There is a "Bank of Sweden Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel" (AKA the "Nobel Memorial Prize"), but don't confuse it with the real thing. You know, the kind they award to actual scientists.
10.10.2005 4:22pm
JF (mail):
Like Bishop Tutu?
10.10.2005 4:47pm
Good point. Either way, there is no "Nobel Prize in Economics."
10.10.2005 5:02pm
Shelby (mail):
At least the Economics prize hasn't yet been given to Yasser Arafat, or whatever the economics equivalent would be. (Kim Jong-Il?)
10.10.2005 5:38pm
A. Zarkov (mail):
Was the Bishop named for his IQ?
10.10.2005 5:52pm