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What do these movies

have in common?

Proof of Life, Big Daddy, Seven Years in Tibet, Annie Hall, Manhattan Murder Mystery, Witness for the Prosecution.

If you think you know the answer, post in the comments the name of another movie (there are many) that has the same characteristic. Please don't post any of the many trivial examples (you'll know what this means).

Anonymous coward:
The Rocky Horror Picture Show
10.10.2005 1:46pm
Dave G:
Wings of Desire
Blade Runner

(also, I'm pretty sure that _Seven Years in Tibet_ doesn't belong on the list, due to a technicality).
10.10.2005 2:03pm
Ghost Busters. And I think Dave G is right, unless you count the 1996 Polish short film or half dozen other minor pictures.
10.10.2005 2:33pm
North by Northwest?

10.10.2005 2:47pm
Does it matter if a title starts with "the"? That would seem to invalidate "The Rocky Horror Picture Show." If not, I offer:

Shining Through

More correct:

Alien Nation
10.10.2005 3:05pm
Movies not in my kitchen :-)
10.10.2005 3:30pm
Dan Simon (www):
Carmen Jones
Napoleon Dynamite
Dick Tracy
Bugsy Malone
10.10.2005 3:45pm
Kevan Choset (mail):
Seems a bunch of you have gotten it: The first word of each movie title is itself the title of a movie.

I was avoiding ones that start with "the," just to not have the technical problem. As for the problem of "Seven Years in Tibet," I'd argue that the thriller is called "Seven," even though its poster has the word written "SE7EN." The poster features a clever visual way of representing the word "Seven," but I've never seen anything to indicate that this (with the "v") is not the actual title of the film.
10.10.2005 4:06pm
yamb (mail) (www):
Last Action Hero
10.10.2005 4:09pm
Bisch: lists it as Se7en with Seven as an alternate title. New Line Cinema's website is but directs to but it's listed on their website as Se7en. Ooh, a real mystery!
10.10.2005 4:37pm
Glenn W Bowen (mail):
they all contain the line, "and isn't it true you are also a habitual LIE-AHHH???!!
10.10.2005 7:39pm
Glenn W Bowen (mail):
BTW, do you ever actually give the answer?
10.10.2005 7:40pm
Interestingly, in the cases of "Seven Years in Tibet"/"Seven" and "Manhattan Murder Mystery"/"Manhattan", both movies have the same star. I wonder if there are any other examples of this. (And no, sequels like "Rocky IV" don't count. Nice try.)
10.10.2005 8:08pm
Cheburashka (mail):
Not one of those movies was shot in my kitchen.
10.10.2005 8:43pm
The Brad Pitt/Morgan Freeman movie actually shows the title in the opening credits as SE7EN -- it was the poster that spelled the title conventionally as Seven.
10.10.2005 10:40pm
Paul doson (mail) (www):
hmmm.... I can't think of even one thing in common. For this I've to watch these movies again.
10.11.2005 4:02am
Kevan Choset (mail):
Yes, I do give the answer. It is in my comment above, here.
10.11.2005 10:05am
Nobody (mail):
The Kids are Alright
Go West Young Man
The Perfect Weapon
Rudy Blues
Radio Days
10.11.2005 8:05pm