College Think Tank:
A group of college students recently started their own think tank, the Roosevelt Institution. Its purpose is to bolster the editors' grad school applications harness the intellect and creative energy of college students to develop solutions for critical public policy problems. Fortunately for them, Paul Horwitz has been hard at work developing a research agenda for the new enterprise.
Scott Scheule (mail) (www):
I have a bad feeling about this.
10.9.2005 5:02pm
erp (mail):
SS - You are obviously not an undergraduate.
10.9.2005 5:16pm
Carl Henderson (mail) (www):
Here's some research topics that, regrettably, got picked up before Horwitz or the Roosevelt Institution could give them fair treatment.

Is Matthew Yglesias A Member of the Federalist Society?

Happy Chanukah, Outkast Style

Laptops Damaging Fertility

Very Cool Guinness Ad
10.9.2005 5:29pm
ANM (mail):
The papers I skimmed were predictably liberal. Not surprising when the think tank is named in part after the president who oversaw the largest expansion of government. "The Roosevelt Institution affirms that positive policy solutions exist for society's problems" Sounds like affirmative rights, v. negative rights.
10.9.2005 6:24pm
SimonD (www):
Presumably, in twenty years people will be forced to deny they have every been a member of the Roosevelt Institution in order to be considered for a Federal Judgeship.
10.9.2005 6:49pm
Larry (mail):
Nothing like telling a bunch of spoiled brats that their stupid opinions mean something.
10.9.2005 7:39pm
Why is this any more deplorable than any other playing around that people do when they're not yet real people. Every college has an irrelevant student government, a few irrelevant publications that pose as legitimate newspapers, et cetera. Why not an irrelevant thinktank too? If people want practice for the real world, a make-believe think-tank is probably not a bad thing to have.
10.10.2005 1:03am
What makes a think tank legitimate? The point of every think tank is too influence opinion, but I doubt this one will have much effect up in Georgetown.

WB-About the irrelevant student organizations: It's only an outgrowth of the idiocy of admissions policies. Every college and university extols the virtues of engaging in dubious extracurriculars. Want to change the college culture? Change the admissions criteria.
10.10.2005 1:48am