Women Tenured At A Higher Rate Than Men?:
The Daily Princetonian has an interesting story on gender and tenure in Princeton's humanities and social sciences departments. Of particular interest: It seems that women faculty members in the humanities and social sciences at Princeton receive tenure more often then men. According to a recent report,
34 percent of women hired as assistant professors in the humanities and social sciences eventually gain tenure, compared to 27 percent of men. The difference is due to the significantly higher number of women in the social sciences who receive tenure: 42 percent of women compared to just 23 percent of men. The humanities were more evenly divided, with 33 percent of men and 30 percent of women receiving tenure.
  It's a surprising result, I think. I wonder if the same is true at other universities, to the extent there is any data on this question. Any thoughts?

  UPDATE: Note that the AALS has some data on such questions in the context of law schools, available here.