Miers on Same-Sex Issues:
The New York Blade has a very interesting article describing a 1989 meeting between Harriett Miers and a gay rights group when Miers was running for Dallas City Council. An excerpt:
  Former Lesbian/Gay Political Coalition member Marc Lerro, a D.C. resident, said he recalls that Miers stated in the questionnaire [sent to her by the group] that she would not support a bill to repeal the Texas sodomy law, saying the matter would not come before the Dallas City Council.
  Lerro and Young said that although the group did not endorse Miers, members believed she made a positive gesture by completing the questionnaire and agreeing to meet with them.
  "She was not hostile nor did she come across as some kind of right-wing ideologue," said Young, a Dallas software engineer and a member of the Business Council of the Human Rights Campaign, a national gay political group.
  In Miers' meeting with members of the gay group, Lerro said Miers stated that she opposed abortion, a response that prompted the group to eliminate her from contention for obtaining the group’s endorsement.
  Lerro said he endorsed Miers for the Council post, saying he recalls that she expressed general support for equal rights for gays and indicated she opposed discrimination based on sexual orientation.
  Link via FrontBurner, a local Dallas blog.