Inside Scoop on the Second Nomination:
I have been poking around DC to find who the White House might nominate for Justice O'Connor's seat on the Supreme Court, and I wanted to report what I'm hearing. First, sources tell me that Judge Joseph Wapner is in the running. Wapner is a trusted figure to many Americans and should be easily confirmable, but there is some concern about his age (he's 86). Judge Harry T. Stone is also mentioned. Stone's sense of humor and his magic tricks might attract Justice Kennedy's vote, and could also keep Scalia entertained; on the other hand, the Right may object to his lack of conservative bona fides. Finally, I am hearing the name Judge Reinhold a lot, although I'm not sure if that's because my sources think he is on the short list or because they recently watched Beverly Hills Cop. Anyway, stay tuned. We should know in a day or two whether the nominee is Wapner, Stone, Reinhold, or someone else.