Roberts Picks up the Rehnquist Clerks:
In one of his first acts as the new Chief Justice, John Roberts hired all three of the former law clerks for the late Chief Justice William Rehnquist: Mark Mosier, Michael Passaportis, and -- most importantly, at least to me -- my former student Ann O'Connell. He also brought with him two clerks from the D.C. Circuit, Dan Kearney and Kosta Stojilkovic.

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DJ (mail):
Five law clerks for the Chief? What, is he going to have no secretaries?
9.30.2005 4:33pm
Syd (mail):
Oh good, the suspense is over.

Now for the next pick and the looming question of the fate of Sasha.
9.30.2005 4:34pm
jgshapiro (mail):
Didn't he have 3 clerks on the DC circuit?

I wonder what happened to the one who drew the short straw?
9.30.2005 4:36pm
42USC1983 (mail):
What a classy guy. No one is fired, and no one has hurt feelings. I'm starting to develop a man-crush.
9.30.2005 4:41pm
Sasha (mail):
Thanks for the concern, Syd. JGShapiro, the answer to your question is here.
9.30.2005 4:43pm
Guest2 (mail):
"Now for the next pick[.]"

Here's hoping Dubya picks another HLSer. ;-)
9.30.2005 6:21pm
Cheburashka (mail):
If the president really cares about quality, he should bring in more Columbia Law grads. Maybe he can find a threefer too.
9.30.2005 8:12pm
L Murphy (mail):
Roberts' third clerk had already been shifted to the chambers of Janice Rogers Brown.
9.30.2005 8:50pm
William Baude (mail) (www):
This is not, in fact, the case.
10.1.2005 1:54am
Ali Karim Bey:
I still think it will be Larry Thompson or Judge Callahan.

The news about Harriet Miers is funny. She is like a SC search committee chair. If she gets the spot, then she would be doing a "Cheney". (Hint: Cheney was a VP search committee chair. He then got the job.)

10.1.2005 1:20pm
Law-talkin' guy:
L Murphy is incorrect; the third Roberts clerk from last year had already left his chambers to join Justice Kennedy for the upcoming Term. It's the two who stuck around who are accompanying him to the Court.
10.1.2005 4:19pm
murky (mail) (www):
Seems like the prudent measure for an incoming chief, in which instance I suppose there's more motive for continuity than in replacing a mere rank and file Supreme. In that light his decision is utterly conventional. Who knows better how the old boss ran things than his runners?
10.1.2005 10:02pm