More on God and Man At Dartmouth:

The other day I posted on the Convocation speech given by Dartmouth Student Assembly President Noah Riner and the campus reaction, including a column by William F. Buckley.

Doug Lederman at Inside Higher Ed has an excellent and insightful round-up of the affair, including a follow-up interview with Mr. Riner. Some interesting Comments there too by students and professors from around the country (although not as good as the Comments by VC readers to my first post, of course). Meanwhile, the Washington Times has posted a piece that includes the full text of the speech. (HT: Michael Ellis at the Dartmouth Review).

For what it is worth, I am increasingly finding Inside Higher Ed to be must-reading for goings-on in the academy. This is the third time in about a week or so that I have linked to a Doug Lederman story over there.

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