Now that John Roberts Has Been Confirmed,
it's time to ask the big question: What will he do for law clerks? Will this Rehnquist clerk pick up Rehnquist's clerks? Article III Groupie is on the case.

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Justin (mail):
What about Roberts's clerks? After all, a clerkship for JGR was considered a good way to clerk :).

Surely, we can't leave the bright Harvard or whatnot grads who just came out of law school without employment? :)
9.29.2005 6:15pm
Voiceguy in L.A.:
Back in my day, Supreme Court clerks had normally spent a year clerking for federal circuit judges, and gotten some experience in that role, before hitting the Supreme Court.

In this case, though, I agree that the clerks Roberts had engaged for the coming year should appropriately follow him to the high court. As I recall, the chief gets an extra clerk or two, so it might be that Roberts's lineup could include both his previously engaged clerks and at least some of the orphaned Rehnquist clerks in order to fill out the full allotment.
9.29.2005 7:41pm
a (mail):
Isn't it strange that all other senior government officials (senators, cabinet secretaries, ambassadors) have professional staffs consisting of mature, experienced adults, while justices of the Supreme Court are surrounded by a bunch of clever children? Obviously this tradition is supported by former clerks, many of whom are law professors and judges, but is it the best way to carry out the work of the court? The most obvious failing of this approach is the fact that it produces narcissistically bloated opinions. Wouldn't it be better for the justices to hire middle-aged lawyers with practical experience to be their clerks? I'm sure there would be plenty of applicants.
9.30.2005 3:04am
While I agree with A's opinion, I do not think that the pool of individuals with real legal experience who would clerk is that large. Recent law school graduates simply have no legal experience. In my opinion, an individual does not acquire any significant legal experience until he or she has been practicing for approximately a decade. Knowledge of case law is not experience. Experience is judgment, and that comes only with time. The people who have real experience and legal judgment, and have the credentials to clerk, most likely are making some serious money, have families, and would not give up their positions to clerk.
9.30.2005 10:39am
NickM (mail) (www):
"a" apparently hasn't actually seen who is around most Senators.

9.30.2005 3:55pm