JPS Gives Oath to JGR:
CNN has a report here. Just in time for First Monday OT05. Welcome to the Roberts Court.
LiquidLatex (mail):
May God Bless this Court.

Err, sorry Mr. Neadow.
9.29.2005 5:02pm
MDM (mail) (www):
Here's an interesting question--the CNN article linked notes that Stevens and 6 other members of the Court were there. Who skipped? Why?
9.29.2005 6:35pm
Scalia wasn't there. I don't know why. I know he's been traveling on speaking engagements recently (HLS, Julliard School) so maybe that's it.
9.29.2005 6:59pm
Found out why he wasn't there. It cracks me up, for some reason.
9.29.2005 7:04pm
SimonD (www):
Scalia is in Colorado, with Ninomania's Prof. David Wagner, among others.
9.29.2005 10:56pm