Is Country Music Right-Wing?

Well, if patriotism is considered "right-wing" then the answer would be yes. As Victoria Spurs Barrett observes, conventional pop music is not particularly patriotic anymore, but country music still embraces love of country.

Country Music is the soul of America. It doesn't judge her. It doesn't condemn her. Nor does it feel the need to.

I've never been much of a country music fan myself - other than Hank Williams (the original, not the MNF guy) - but I think Ms. Spurs Miss Barrett is making an interesting observation about politics and music.

UPDATE: I have edited the post at Miss Barrett's request. I would also add that I agree with her point that being patriotic should not be considered inherently "right wing" -- but it is nonetheless understandable that public expressions of patriotism are typucally viewed as such today.

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